Socialism , Communism Is That What We Want For America?

I just finished reading an interesting article in the, American Thinker. “Who are the Socialist in America” The way I see it, although there are many in our country that identify themselves or that believe that Socialism is the best friend of the American worker, they are mistaken. Example Bernie Sanders, an identified Socialist, voted against the “too big to fail” bailouts, the decision that he made although for different reasons than a Conservative, was the right one. He also voted against giving Bernanke another term, that too was the right vote.

Than you had John McCain a Republican voting in favor of the bailouts. That was proposed by Bush, a so-call free market capitalist. Yet like Ron Paul said, “these days we are having trouble distinguishing the Conservatives & the Liberals from one another”, a point well made.To many so-call Conservatives like to vote against welfare for Americans, although they have no problem in Corporate welfare which is greater and cost the American tax payer a lot more.

On the other hand, many Liberal or Progressive Democrats believe that their party is the working mans best friend, yet it was Bill Clinton who gave us N.A.F.T.A. & Most Favor Nation Status with China. Two acts which hurt the American workers & small businesses and opened the door for what we see these days.

Many among our Congressional Black Caucus, that are Progressives seem to view Castro of Cuba in high regards. They buy into the lies that Cuba’s Communist Dictator, has done well for it citizens, especially their black citizens. My question to them is this, “how many high level blacks does Castro have in his government” None! They are all equal, but none of them serve in high leadership positions. That is a fact.

Socialism leads to Communism, Hugo Chavez, is following in Fidel Castro steps, that is his mentor. Just as Castro created havoc all through Latin America since the early 60’s, you now have Chavez following in his steps. He is not quite there yet, but he is working hard at it. Castro has sent I believe I read 20 or 30,000 advisers to Venezuela. They are working at controlling and taking down all opposition. Communication, controlling the people, and in their military. Teaching them how to use the hi-tech weapons and training their soldiers in guerrilla warfare tactic.

Now here in the U.S.A. we have President Obama who is doing many of the same things that Castro did in his early days. He hasn’t gone to Chavez level yet, but he is moving real fast by surrounding himself and appointing known Socialist and Communist to his team. Look at how often we see President Obama giving pep rallies speeches in front of his supporters. And the many staged question and answer session. All with a well rehearsed answers from questions and people that he has planted in the audience. That unless you’re not paying attention you wont know the significance to what he is saying. Castro did this all the time, he is known for his long speeches that went on for hours. He would even do this at the United Nations.

President Obama like Castro is a very charismatic person. Although he doesn’t poses the oratory skills of Castro, President Obama reads well from the teleprompters. Communism doesn’t work, what our country has done for the last 20 years hasn’t worked either. The Federal Reserves has too much authority and powers, our Judges are re-interpreting the laws as oppose to following them. Our elected officials have become the ruling class answering to the Global American in name only Corporations that are not loyal to us or any one country or people but themselves. We are the new Serf of our society, or like I call it the pawns of the New World Order.


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