Part: 2 Socialism That Leads To Communism, Is That What We Want For America

This was the last comment from my Newsvine article that lead me to write Part:2

R. O. Davis

As for the development a group of new radical Socialist, they are reminiscent of the extreme passion displayed during the onset of the French revolution. I do believe will cool and migrate back to the Republican Party. A large portion of them are the effluent teens and young adults that constituted the radical anti-war Hippy Movement of the 1960. That is why, although they claim to be super-patriots, most of their leaders our draft-dodgers.

There has been a long history of a Theocratic Wing in the republican Party; though, the stand it has taken on issues has changed over the years. In the last decade of the nineteenth century through the first four decades of the twentieth century, they crusaded for government ordered: abortions, sterilizations, electrical shock treatment, lobotomies and forcing children into boarding schools in order to civilize them into appropriate Christian believes. After the end of the Second World War they disowned any and all connections to these. They replaced them with their opposition to individual freedom of choice and are crusading for government control and authority to prevent abortion no matter what the medical circumstance. As with all toxic Socialism, it is about government regimentation of society and them in control of the government.

The best place to start is to define what I mean by the words I chose to use.

Reactionary: means to return to a political structure of the past. In this case they seem to want to return to an European religious controlled government. A Marxist in Russia would be political reactionary.

Radical: means to want a break with past and completely change the political structure.

Conservative: means to conserve and build upon the existing political structure.

Liberal: means to be open-minded; live and let live.

I do believe that it has traditionally been the poor in recent wars to have been drafted followed by the middle class, regardless of skin color. I also do recall Bill Clinton going overseas to Europe during the Vietnam War, and Bush Jr. getting daddy to set him up with the national guards here at home. Although his father did serve, as well as Kerry and McCain to their credit. Look wars have always through history have been started by those that would profit from them and their resources.

As to Christianity, I believe that it was Hitler and his goons who did this not only to the Jews but to Jehovah Witnesses also, and to those that were thought to have mental problems. But to blame this on Christianity is really kind of absurd. If you were to say that in the name of Christianity, during the middle ages strange things were done I would agree. If you were to say that the crusades was all about land grab and control I would agree. But to call these people Christians that I would disagree. Their acts alone tells you otherwise.

Today in America you have Liberation Theology which is taught and preached at some predominantly black churches. Like the one that our President Obama attended for 20 years. This form of theology is also preached in Central America, teaching them that all the ills of the world are the white man’s fault. Then you also have another movement which is prevalent in Evangelical circles which is the Prosperity Gospel. also referred to as the “name it and claim it” folks. that to is an abomination in my opinion. Then you have the New World Order religion which is sanctioned by the U.N. which really doesn’t mention God by a personal name and that all roads lead to God & heaven. They never call out sin, everything is acceptable, you go in sad and come out feeling good only to return the following week still with the same issues at hand. You probably have seen this guy on television or on Larry King or any of the other news outlet on cable promoting his books. Joel Olsteen ,he has a congregation that fills out a basketball arena that he purchased from an N.B.A. team. This guy instead of the cross behind the pulpit on the wall ,he has a globe. Now this is the kicker, his father was a fire & brim stone type of preacher really knowledgeable of the word. Yet his son, although he never attended seminary, has one of the biggest congregation in the country. He doesn’t mention Jesus or talk about sin either.

Now as to Communism as seen in Cuba, which is what I was using as a comparison, to what we see now happening in America these days. I’m from      S. Florida, where there is a large community of Americans of Cuban descent. This is what I’m have been told by them, and by their parents that lived in the early years of Fidel Castro’s revolution. This is their first hand account as to what happened. Some had family members that were executed by Che Guevara, you know the guy on the t-shirts, that ignorant college students wear and the one President Obama had a similar poster of himself during the campaign for the presidential race.

  • Fidel Castro was a University student that organized against Fulgencio Batista a U.S. backed dictator. Batista was an authoritarian, but the individuals had the freedom of speech , to own property, and travel pretty much the way we have it here in the U.S.
  • Castro went out to the country side got the support of the rural workers that were poor and uneducated
  • Castro never let it be known that he was a communist, not even to many of those that fought next to him to over throw Batista
  • Once he toppled Batista, and made known to the masses who he was and his intentions, many of his men wanted no part of it, some were executed by Che Guevara others were just thrown into prison camps, never to be heard or seen again.
  • He then moved in against those in the news media that were opposing him, shutting them down. Or if they continued they went to prison camps.
  • The only form of news media was the state sponsored media that was sanctioned by Castro.
  • He removed the children from their parents sent them out to the country side to have them indoctrinated
  • He eliminated the church, allowed the religion of Santeria to continue, taught that Jesus was a socialist/communist
  • Allowed abortions to be rampant.
  • Taught that individuality, was selfish and taught that everything had to be for the good of the party or revolution
  • created division among the citizens, taught them to keep a close eye on their neighbors and report anything suspicious
  • Created an army of civilians to watch over each corner of their neighborhood
  • Citizens began to lose trust in their neighbors not knowing, if they said something negative about the revolution if they would be turned in. So they adapted and took on many faces, just to be able to get by and at times lost their selves in the process.
  • Took over private business, homes, & property
  • Started rationing out food
  • Eliminated all forms of travel & communication out of the island nation
  • Then there was the shortage of fuel & daily blackout of electrical power to homes.
  • Those that opposed him were either executed or sent to prison camps.

This is what I have been told, not by Beck, Rush, Savage, Hannity, Levine, or Palin, but by people who’s families experienced it. Now to all of those that think that those of us that have a problem with the “Transformation” of America and are quick to accuse us of being fear mongers, racist, ignorant or what ever the catch phrase maybe. Please remember the voice crying out in the wilderness. That’s telling you to awaken from your slumber before all these things come to pass.


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  1. Having health care and education available to everyone isn’t socialism, it’s what most developed nations do to stay competative in the world market. See my blog.

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