When Are We Going To Choose To Stop Being Pawns


I just finished reading this  article above,  and again my personal experiences having lived in California for 5 years, and all my remainder years in Florida, tells me otherwise. I have personally have met and have friends from some of the countries mentioned in the article, yet  they all have the same story to tell, they say that their respected governments are full of corruption. That the opportunities that they have had here in the United States of America, are by far the best they have known. Their words not mine.

I invite you to get out of your comfort zone and instead of reading left-wing propaganda, get out into the real world and inter act with people who have migrated to the U.S. and that are willing to work hard and take responsibilities for their own lives instead of buying into the lie that they have to be dependent on government or unions to be able to achieve the American dream. This is the lie they left behind, and want no part of.

The only thing the article stated that was fact, was that the standard of living has been deteriorating or becoming stagnant. That is true. Yet for you to criticize Beck, who was an alcoholic and through the grace of GOD picked himself up and has been able to become successful at was he does, just makes you seem a bit envious. Heck he is now through his business, creating jobs for fellow Americans here at home and paying taxes. Something that many Americans that seem to complain never have done.

If your going to get upset, use your anger in a constructive way. realize that both the republicans & democrats have sold us out, they have made trade deals like N.A.F.T.A. & Most favored Nation Status for China. that has taken away good paying jobs for Americans here at home. While at the same time hurting small business person here at home that makes it extremely difficult for them to compete against the slave wages from the south of the border and of those in China. It was Bill Clinton who signed those two piece of legislation that has crippled the American worker and small business person.

Note, if you can’t or choose not to see the reality, you’re then, a willing participant to your own destruction. And allowing yourself to be used as a pawn. All these “Think Tanks” have one objective and that is to steer society to the road that it wants it to travel. A One world Government. They will use people from both sides of the aisle. to get them in line. If you haven’t realize this by now, than let me be the first to tell you that you have been programmed and are not even aware of it. Making you a pawn, who does the will of the “Puppets Masters”? The Puppets, they’re the career politicians that sell out for their personal gains as well as those in what passes off as News Media. They dictate to you. and get you to fight with your fellow Americans by creating the politics of divisions. For the purpose of their Masters. the “too big to fail” American in name only Global Multi-National Corporations, Financial Institutions, Pharmaceutical, Insurance Co.’s, Federal Reserves & World Bank.

And by the way George Soros, is behind most of the problems you see here at home as well as in the rest of the world. He is far wealthier than both Beck & Rush combined. And has destroyed the economies of other countries on many occasions. Yet I’m pretty sure your programmers haven’t let you in on this piece of information either.


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  1. Gosh toosmalltosucceed, great article here. I’d love to copy and post on my local newspaper site. There are just so many folks here that love being the pawns you speak of. I want to educate them and have tried, but I think it’s my obvious disdain for ObaMao that reeks out in what I write thus putting them on the defensive. Oh well, you can’t win them all.

    • Yes, go for it. And by the way I’m on Newsvine, and I ended using the information as to all the bills that Obama & Democrats have introduced from your article. I also put the link to your site. Anything that I write that can be useful you’re most welcome to it. You should sign up & blog on the Vine. We need more common sense folks like yourself to help educate our friends on the left. Have a goodnight Liberty.

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