The Making Of A One World Government

As a society we should have an obligation to educate our children. Making education affordable not  the way that it’s now.  Government should continue to be in the business of education and we should stop Charter schools from getting tax dollars to fund them. These are all vehicles of the “too big to fail”. I have some real interesting links that I will put up on this topic.

We should start teaching our children once again about Civics, American & World History, Geography, Reading, Writing, Math, Science, & the Arts. Lets get back to what worked and get away from this model that just teaches kids how to take standardize test. Lets allow our teachers to teach the children and remove the shackles that they now have. Lets compensate the ones that are professional and know how to teach and get rid of the one that are just in it for the hours and the two month summer vacation.

Lets help those that are struggling at this moment, by no fault of their own and give them a hand up. But by no way allow those who scam the system.  Lets place term limits on all  of Congress. They can’t serve for no more than two terms of 4 years each, the same as the President. This will make it harder for them to be bought off by special interest. Also, let’s get rid of their Pensions & Health Insurance, and all that extra additional cost that is for life.

Bring back to reality their salaries to what  the average American gets paid. You know what, I have heard all their arguments saying how much more they could be making in the private sector. I say great, if you can make more in the private sector go for it. Because quite frankly all they have done is proven themselves to be crooks and incompetent. Look how screwed up our economy is. So if they aren’t incompetent then it means that the problems we have were done intentionally, so they are crooks & terrorist who have hijacked our country and taken us all hostage.

They use the politics of divisions, bringing up wedge issues to get Americans fighting among ourselves like religion, abortion, gay marriage, hate crime legislation, etc., while they go on their merry way getting rewarded by their Masters. Starting wars in which our Brave young Soldiers die in serving our country,  while preserving our  Constitution &  freedoms . The very one that many of our politicians are seeking to destroy. Then tying up the hands of  our soldiers & bringing them up on charges for them doing their job. They are honorably serving all Americans while defending our country overseas. From those who want to destroy our way of life.  While here at home we have terrorists who are working from within our government to bringing it down.

These are my observations, the Masters are the “Too Big To Fail” American in name only, Global Multi-National Corporations, Financial Institutions, Pharmaceuticals, Insurance Co., Big Agribusiness, Federal Reserves, World Bank, etc.

Puppets are the Countries, Politicians, Political Parties, Academia, News Media, etc, they answer to the Masters, going about making policies that benefits them. They will come to you from the left or from the right. Using the information that is put into play by the “think tanks” who are financed by their Masters to get the country to move in the direction that will be easier for them to control.

Pawns, that the rest of us in society that un-willing or willing fall for trap and  lies that engages us into playing party politics. Once we cross the line and allow ourselves to be brain washed into believing that they actually care for us and are working on our behave, it’s already to late. At that point we have already become programmed and unless we dig deep inside we will never be able to make it back to reality.

The Enforcers are all the Secret Agencies, C.I.A.. F.B.I. etc., I.R.S.,  Armed Forces, Homeland Security, Judges,  Police Officers, Government Agencies, Public Servants/Employees, Fire Fighters, etc.

These are my observations, I’m sure there are many more working at different angles to usher in this One World Government or as is known, the New World Order. Lets wake up and not allow ourselves to be pawns any longer.


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