Sergio Martinez New WBC/WBO Middleweight Champion Of The World

Sergio Martinez, could be considered after Manny Pacquiao as not only the second best pound for pound fighter in the world but also one of the most exciting boxers as well. Once again he proves, to the world that he is for real. His fight against Kermit Cintron was one of the worst decisions of the previous year. He beat him easily, and the judges stole the fight by calling it a draw. Then he goes up in weight takes on Paul Williams, one of the best & most feared fighter in the world on short notice. Beats the bigger opponent in a close fight that was one of the best fights of the year, and is robbed again. Although it was a close tough fight, he won and for the second time in a year was at the mercy of judges who robbed him of the victory.

Now comes the opportunity for Sergio Martinez to fight for the middle weight title against world champion Kelly Pavlik.  A bigger,stronger, younger opponent who’s only real loss was to veteran boxer Bernard Hopkins who took him to school. Pavlik lost that fight before it even started. He was intimidated and it affected him through the whole fight. Unlike his fight with Hopkins , Pavlick was the bigger and stronger man in this bout and wasn’t at all intimidated by the smaller Argentine fighter. They both went at it, giving it there all in a good showing for both fighters.

This was another good fight for the quick handed Argentine who showed his good boxing skills, while at the same time his awkward style of boxing of moving in and out picking his shots with great accuracy was just too much for Pavlick to handle. I’m glad for all the boxing fans around the world, that the right unanimous decision was rendered. Good fight, and Sergio Martinez stock continues to rise the more that America gets to see him.

I would love to see the Floyd Mayweather fight Sergio Martinez at 154 lb. although this wont ever happen for the obvious reasons. Floyd couldn’t handle someone his own size with comparable hand speed, yet we can all dream. If Mosley comes prepared he should be able to dethrone the paper tiger that is Floyd Mayweather. I would like to see Sergio Martinez avenge his only real loss to date against Antonio Margarito. I would prefer to see the fight at 154 lb. I think that’s a better weight division for Martinez.

The true mark of a champion, isn’t the way one handles oneself while your winning. Rather it’s the way you handle defeat. To Sergio Martinez credit, he has proven himself up till now while being the victim of two horrendous decisions made by the judges on his previous fights with Kermit Cintron and Paul Williams to handle the judges decisions with class. Also when the Antonio Margarito illegal hand wrapping came into question before his KO lost to Mosley. Cintron was asked if it was possible that he could have encountered the same fate as Coto due to the illegal hand wraps.  He said that it was possible that Margarito could have used the illegal tactic in their bout. Yet when Martinez was asked the same question, he was humble enough to say the truth and not make an attempt to try to spin it. He basically said he got whoop that night.

Sergio Martinez  style of boxing with his hands down is just the way he chooses to fight. I don’t care about the show boating either, but the man is an extremely exciting fighter to watch. And in the four fights I seen him in, he has fought his heart out. Good for you Sergio, continue to fight as you have and soon everyone will know what many of us already do, you’re one great champion!


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    • Sounds great to me, will be there. I also predict if Mayweather doesn’t run and chooses to fight, he will loose. Although knowing Mayweather, he will most likely run. Would love to see him go against Sergio Martinez, but I wont hold my breath.

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