“Hope And Change”, Nonsense Which Translate To Lets Hope That We Still Have Some Change Left In Our Pockets When Obama Is Done With His “Radical Transformation” For America


So President Obama promised us the most transparent presidency, yet all he has proven is that Washington Politics has nothing on the “Chicago Way Of Politics”.  The only thing that has changed is we gone from a Republican to Democrat.

So once again the Americans people have been short changed and we better come to the realizations that unless we vote out all the career politicians that we now have that are in it for themselves and elect a new crop of statesman that will follow the Constitution and represent the will of the people, nothing will ever change.

Special interests spent $916 million to shape legislation and government policy during the first three months of the year, new lobbying reports show.

We need to elect individuals that will make “Term Limits”  a reality. I say, if eight years
is sufficient for  the President, it should be the same for both the House & Senate. This way they can work on the business of the nation as oppose to growing roots and staying in office in some cases for over 40 years. This is insanity! We need real change, lets vote out all incumbents if they have served for over eight years. No more nonsense America, lets take our country back.


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