The Hypocrite Charlie Crist, And The Evil Called Power That Will Consume Those That Chase It

You’re a joke Charlie, typical hypocrite politician that will do and say anything to keep the power that consumes so many of you career politicians that care not about our country but about preserving your own political careers! Another sad day in America! Just like your good friend  President Obama.

So you think that you could possibly win in a three-man race? Or that Democrats will bankroll you? Think again Charlie, one thing you do have in common with President Obama, is that both of you Lie! Just a couple of weeks ago you decided to change your mind and go with the teachers, why Charlie? So maybe when you made a run as an independent you could get their vote? That’s pandering Charlie, besides  Meeks already has the support of the teachers union plus he didn’t have to Lie, Charlie.

Charlie, Republicans in Florida have already decided your fate, you had an overwhelming lead over Marco Rubio and you blew it, you know why Charlie? Because you are a hypocrite and the more you talk the more you reveal yourself.  Rubio on the other hand has state-wide approval from the Republicans that know that the key to victory isn’t to be like the Democrats but rather to embrace Conservative values that made our country great.  Also all  true Conservative all across America knows who the R.I.N.O’S are . What will you really have after all of this Charlie, a memory and a photo of your warm embrace with President Obama?

Charlie you’re showing yourself to be just another Arlen Spector, ask him how well he is doing in his re-election bid against the Conservative? Charlie if you think that your warm embrace of President Obama might get you votes, you’re going to have to learn the hard way. Just because President Obama, won the state of Florida doesn’t mean you have a chance of taking votes from either Meeks and definitely none of the Conservatives who are behind Marco Rubio.

Charlie remember that big push for naturalization right before the Presidential elections here in Florida? Are you thinking you will get their vote? Remember many of the new citizens voted for Obama because they are used to the free ride they had in their country, and yes Charlie I’m speaking of those Cubans that went Democrat. You think in a three-man race, with Marco Rubio being of Cuban descent and fluent in Spanish, that you have a chance of getting them to vote for you? You’re going to find out the hard way aren’t you Charlie?

After you lose in November, and you find yourself out of a job, what are you going to do Charlie? Yes I know Charlie you’re hoping on cashing in on some of that money as a Lobbyist aren’t you Charlie? Isn’t that what your friend and former Senator Mel Martinez is doing now? Well I’m sure you will do just fine in the private sector, your kind always does. Who knows maybe President Obama has a new Czar position opening up. Bye, Bye, Charlie!


7 Responses

  1. Has it occured to you that in addition to losing the primary to rubio, he is also in the awkward position of being a moderate in today’s GOP? The far right is pushing out anyone who might vote their conscience instead of lock step party line.
    Scott Brown was the big man on campus until he voted with dems and then was crucified.
    You people have no idea what our political system should be like. The reason the founders set up the govt. the way they did was to encourage debate, compromise and fairness. You want none of that.

    • So lying to save your political hide is okay with you? The man lies, he’s a hypocrite and a typical career politician, that will do anything he believes is in his best interest. He doesn’t care about the state of Florida or the country, he only care about Charlie.

    • TCL, Ain’t no lock step going on in the GOP honey.

      So, you are saying the dems “know” what the political system should look like?

      Thanks for confirming your socialist communist agenda, we thought so.

      Man you are crazy. Good luck with that.

      • Hello Liberty, they just don’t get it. We all ready have the Democratic party with their big tent to be everything and anything to everyone except to those that want to preserve our country’s traditional values that made us the greatest country in the world. We have people in our country more concerned with the illegal immigrants right than those who attend the Tea Parties. How’s that for hypocrisy for you!

  2. Liberty,
    “Ain’t no lock step going on in the GOP honey.”
    Don’t call me honey, sugar. …and, really?! how many on the right are voting outside the party line? and what happens to those who do? Ala Scott Brown.

    “are you saying the dems know what the political system should look like?”
    No. I’m saying you don’t. blocking debate and using procedural tricks to obstruct is not what the founders had in mind. It wasn’t ever meant to be “my way or the highway” Stop spouting your patriotism and “founding fathers” rhetoric if you don’t really know what that means.

    “thanks for confirming your socialist communist agenda”
    WTF are you talking about? Point to anything I said that remotely indicates anything about socialism or communism. Make up your mind; they are two different things.

    “man you are crazy.”
    Yes. yes I am.

    I’m no hypocrit. I don’t admonish people for things I do myself. That would be a hypocrit. And I care equally for the human rights of all people – even those in the Tea Party. I care about the rule of law and the civil liberties of all people. Stop questioning other’s patriotism because they disagree with you politically. I spent 17 years in the service. How many did you serve? I did two combat tours. How many have you got under your belt?

    Get some more education kids. By reading your blog, it is painfully obvious your knowledge of the world and politics extends to what you hear on talk radio and from Tea Party newsletters. (Sorry if I’ve been picking on a couple of high schoolers.)

    • I’m no hypocrit. I don’t admonish people for things I do myself. That would be a hypocrit.

      I never called you a hypocrite I said the following, “We all ready have the Democratic party with their big tent to be everything and anything to everyone except to those that want to preserve our country’s traditional values that made us the greatest country in the world. We have people in our country more concerned with the illegal immigrants rights than those who attend the Tea Parties. How’s that for hypocrisy for you!”

      In addition, I never question your patriotism either. So if you are a bit uptight and took offense I would advise you to take a deep look inside yourself and do some soul searching because it’s quite obvious to me you have a beef to settle and your just looking to get in an argument that at the end of the day isn’t going to change any of the problems that our nation is facing. And in no way did I attack you personally, I don’t know you and it would be a cowardly act on my part if I did.

      Sometimes in life we have to sit back relax and take the time to comprehend what we just read. In addition you still haven’t told me where I’m wrong on my opinion of what I see going on in America. I don’t belong to either party, and I call them as I see them. But yes I’m a Conservative that loves my country and don’t like the road we have been traveling in for the last 21 years. And thank you for serving our country, but please understand that because you have served or haven’t served doesn’t give any person more right than any other citizen to voice their opinion.

      Another problem in America these days, we have all been brainwashed to think that there are differences between both parties and to which I say, “there are very small differences within the two parties except on issues that are meant to divide us, like immigration,gay marriage, abortion, and so on.” These days both parties answer to the Puppet Masters that control them. They are all control by the “too big to fail” Multi-National Global Corp, Federal Reserves, Pharmaceutical, Insurance Co., Big Agribusiness, just to name few that are the ones who really run our government and lets not forget the C.F.R.

  3. TCL, Look, you know and I know that the socialist in this country are integrating communism into everything they do; i.e., San Francisco govt employees cannot travel to AZ? WTH???? See brother, socialism is the integral precursor to communism.

    You said, founders encourage debate, compromise, and fairness?????? YOU HAVE LOST YOUR MIND! THOSE principles are EXACTLY WHAT the Dictator (don’t tell me he’s not acting like a dicatotor too) abhorrs.
    It was freaking obvious Americans overwhelmingly did not want HR 3590 but the DEMOCRATS that voted no were brought in and threatened and offered sweetheart deals until they reliquised. YOu CALL THAT COMPROMISE?, DEBATE?, FAIRNESS? What that was is a spoiled ROTTEN TO the core BABY! CRYING about not getting his way to ensure GREASING OF THE PALMS THAT PUT HIM WHERE HE IS.

    The progressive movement has long been known for its intolerance of opposing philosophies and its propensity for violence to attain its goals. As Noel Sheppard notes, at the 2008 Republican Convention leftist demonstrators hospitalized conventioneers with bricks thrown through bus windows and sandbags dropped from overpasses onto passing cars. The progressive media looked the other way. ~Andrew Thomas

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