Is America On the Same Road As The Roman Empire

Pat Buchanan’s observations seem to be true to many Americans. Since the last 40 years we have seen one bad trade policy after another. Didn’t matter which party was in power. We have seen good paying jobs go over seas, as well as south of the border to Mexico. In the process what started with manual jobs could now be seen in all fields and profession. Wall Street has done extremely well, what about regular everyday Americans? Has their standard of living improved or is it in a sharp decline? How much is that due to bad legislation? Or is it that we become lazy and believed the lie that has been told to us by Madison Ave.

Is this the fault of the greedy Republicans that only care about big business, or are the Democrats also responsible for doing the same? Is everything that has happened within the last 40 years, been by accident or a well thought out plan? How can a country continue to grow and maintain its high standard of living compared to the rest of the world, when its economy is all based on consumption. How can a country continue to police the entire world, without first taking care of its own borders.

Are we to blame the Chinese for being smarter than us at negotiating trade policies, of course not! However we should scrutinize those that are supposed to be acting on our behalf at negotiating trade agreements that are going to affect every one of us. Why is it that if Americans are still losing their jobs as well as their homes? Why are we reminded daily of how well the recovery is going? Just as long as the “too big to fail” Wall Street is doing well, it must mean that all Americans are doing well, right?

Just last week our President had a talk with Wall Street, are we to take what he says seriously? One question, why wasn’t the CEO of Goldman Sacks brought up on charges? What about the lobbyist on President Obama’s team? Are we suppose to believe that he is any different then President Bush? Didn’t he continue the bailouts that were introduced by the previous administration? What about this new proposed Value added tax? I hope you folks could see the concerns of those of us that didn’t buy into the “hope & change” nonsense.

Another thing that gets a bit tiring is when I hear the Democrats demonizing all Republicans as to just favoring the big guys. They tend to forget that their party does it also, all the time. They take as much money from Wall Street as the Republicans do. They’re just better at lying to their supporters. Those that vote for them are allowing themselves to accept the lie as opposed to the truth. Remember it was Bill Clinton who gave us N.A.F.T.A. & Most Favored Nation Status with China. Those two policies hurt the American worker as well as small businesses across the country more than anything that the Republicans could have ever done by themselves. Those good paying jobs are long gone, and were replaced by low paying service oriented jobs. So no matter how the Democrats spin it, they are equally as responsible for doing the same things that they accuse the Republicans of doing. We are being played, until we realize this truth, nothing is ever going to change for the good of all Americans.


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