Trying To Understand Liberals & Progressives

The following comes after a comment that I received about the article that I wrote below, calling out the Hypocrite Charlie Crist, who’s a typical “R.I.N.O.” Republican. Which is  also a trait of many career politician from both parties who don’t care about our country and are only  in it to further their own careers.


rule of law and the civil liberties of all people. Stop questioning other’s patriotism because they disagree with you politically. I spent 17 years in the service. How many did yoI’m no hypocrite. I don’t admonish people for things I do myself. That would be a hypocrite. And I care equally for the human rights of all people – even those in the Tea Party. I care about the ru serve? I did two combat tours. How many have you got under your belt?

Get some more education kids. By reading your blog, it is painfully obvious your knowledge of the world and politics extends to what you hear on talk radio and from Tea Party newsletters. (Sorry if I’ve been picking on a couple of high schoolers.)

Wow I’m impressed, nice blog! The only thing that I see your missing is the whole truth . I guess by the title of your blog I could understand why you got upset at my comment, that in no way was meant for you. Yet now after visiting your site I could see that by your own words how you cancel yourself out. I responded to your last comment, and you are most welcomed to stop by and make a real attempt other than that what is the normal left-wing propaganda that is prevalent on every site you have listed including  some of the extreme right nonsense that comes from the Drudge Report. See sir unlike you, I’m not a pawn nor do I buy into the propaganda from either party who are for the most part control by the Puppet Masters. Like I said before, where ever and from whom ever I see hypocrisy, I will call them out! I’m a Proud American who believes that there isn’t any country in the world better than America and that our current leadership for the most part don’t care about us or our country, they are in it for themselves!

You know if Beck was lying wouldn’t you think that he would have been sued or that Murdock would have taken him off the air. I don’t see the left or Obama disputing any of the facts that he has been pointing out. So than we must come to the conclusion that he is speaking the truth.

By the way, maybe if you concentrated on being at least more partial in the name of your site with a name like “The Conservative & Liberal Lie” maybe you would have more traffic to your site. See having a nice site may be impressive to those that are Pawns, but good content will go a lot further. just an observation that I’m making. Also thank you for serving our country. my father , brother, and two nephews have all served. My niece’s boyfriend enlisted after 9/11 and was killed. So I do respect all brave men and women that have served our country to preserve our freedom and Constitution.

I have no problem with those that have a different points of view, as long as they’re willing to discuss issues based on reality rather than lunacy. Have a great  weekend sir. Anytime you would like to engage in honest debate without the  name calling that at the end of the day doesn’t do anything but divide us and America, which is exactly the goal of the Puppet Masters, I would look forward to debating you, and by the way I could be found on MSNBC Newsvine which is the place I like to frequent the most to pick the brains and push the buttons of those on the radical left.

Funny how you come to your conclusions, I guess Obama’s ways are just to continue campaigning to re-sell himself to the new crop of naïve “hope & change” crowd. I guess, your okay with this “radical transformation” for America? It’s okay to have lobbyist from Goldman Sachs on your side bank rolling you, just as long as it isn’t Bush or the Republicans the ones receiving the cash? It’s okay to have our troops overseas as long it’s Obama & the Democrats in office. It’s okay to reward the evil insurance industry with millions of new customers just as long as it’s the Democrats and Obama.

I hear that next week he will heal the lame and give sight to the blind. Oh no, my bad! If he gives them sight they are going to see him for the fraud that he really is! So he will probably go to Louisiana and blame Bush for them still not having received federal assistance, because as you well know all Republicans are racist and they only care about white folks.

Keep working on your material, and stop kidding yourself . Look at the money trail, both parties are financed by the same players, that is why nothing ever changes from one administration to the other. We just change brands like going from Coke to Pepsi. Also I would kindly suggest, that just because your like-minded buddies come and vote your comment up doesn’t mean squat! All it means is that they are as misguided as you. Have a good night, and I will continue to visit you regularly to get my daily dose of entertainment, because like Dr. Michael Savage says, “Liberalism is a Mental Disorder” and a hilarious one at that, take care .

You’re a funny guy, how much do you pay your friends to come and vote your comment up? The only other places I have seen such distorted statements like the ones you’re making is from the White House, Democrats, and on Newsvine. You guys better get more material, because I could repeat all the left-wing propaganda rants , and I wouldn’t even need any teleprompter like our President Obama.

It must really feel good for you Democrats to have such an articulate souto- intellect, or correctly written pseudo- intellect like Obama as President? The only problem is the man speaks just as bad as what we had before. Keep kidding yourselves, all this guy can do is read a script that someone else wrote. Let him have a question an answer session and he mangles the English language just as bad as Bush did!

That’s the kind of hypocrisy that I’m talking about, the one that will call out the other party out but never their own. That’s the hypocrisy of party politics that is destroying our country from the inside. You folks from both sides that engage in this type of behavior are only hurting yourselves and eventually the whole country will fall just the way that the Puppet Masters had planned it. Wake up, we are all going to lose, and in the end they will win if we don’t put an end to this nonsense. Why not try to find solutions to our country’s problems as oppose to just fighting among ourselves. This is insanity!

Look there has been many mistakes made by both parties, nothing ever changes for the good of the people. They all make promises that they don’t keep. They win and we lose all the time, every single one of us. Bye the way, I’m not a Republican nor am I a Tea Party member. I follow no man, group or organization. They are all in it for themselves. I’m a Conservative with traditional values, that just about has had it with all the nonsense regardless of who’s in the White House.

I’m tired of being called a racist and a hate monger, just because I happen to disagree with the President and his administration. Typically the one who screams the loudest and complaints the most are normally the ones who practices what they accuse others of doing. Clinton, Carter, Napolitano and others are just as, or more guilty of making statements trying to portray Americans who are exercising their Constitutional rights to assembly & free speech as if they were some how like terrorist. That is really sick and it only proves that they could careless about what happens. They are trying to provoke people to react in a foolish manner so they can step in and put an end to the opposition. Which everyday that passes, their numbers grow greater.


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  1. Good post, Great Rant man you are so right. WTH? Glad to see you are attempting to set the left winger straight. 😉

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