Daily News Report 5/9/2010

Poor Old Glory

William Sullivan
On Cinco de Mayo, students at Live Oak High School in California were asked to leave campus
because they wore an American flag in a display of patriotism.

The fact that the American flag cannot be displayed in an American school is upsetting, yes.  But not terribly shocking.  We’ve come to expect such stupidity from our inept public school system. Public schools have become notorious for catering to minority groups, finding themselves in the news for doing such incongruous things as mandating a presentation outlining Islamic faith during school hours, while putting the kibosh on after-school Christian prayer sessions.

In the Star Spangled Spirit, Tea Parties Will Prevail

Lloyd Marcus
I watched a History channel program about the War of 1812. Folks, I cannot explain why, but the segment about the battle of Baltimore at Fort McHenry and the writing of our national anthem, The Star-Spangled Banner moved me to tears.

The Gospel According to Pelosi

Ann Kane

Did Pope Benedict XVI give up his post as head of the Catholic Church, and make Nancy Pelosi the new pope?  By all indications from a speech on immigration reform she gave on May 6 at a progressive Catholic forum sponsored by Trinity Washington University and National Catholic Reporter — two of many liberal adjuncts to the American Catholic Church — she has taken on her new role as supreme pontifette with gusto.

Selective detectives

Anthony W. Hager
Journalists can uncover just about any fact they want. They can also downplay, obfuscate, or totally ignore information that doesn’t fit their templates. Joseph Sean McVey proves this point, especially in contrast to the media’s treatment of Barack Obama. Since McVey’s arrest at the Asheville (NC) airport we’ve learned more about this obscure Ohioan than we ever learned about the President.

Do liberals really want to talk about ‘racial profiling?’

Russ Vaughn

Do liberals speak out of both sides of their mouths? Most of you will answer correctly, “Only when their lips are moving,” as we on the distaff side have come to know quite well. Liberal hypocrisy has become so commonplace that we only remark on it nowadays when it is so outrageous as to be truly offensive. Al Gore comes to mind.

How Not to Alienate Hispanics

By Ruben Navarrette

Republicans in Congress say the most preposterous things about illegal immigration.

In fact, they could use a tutorial on how to talk about border security and U.S. sovereignty without sounding so buffoonish. And until they learn, they’re going to continue to alienate Hispanics and send them into the arms of undeserving Democrats, most of whom take Hispanic support for granted.

Race and Resentment

By Thomas Sowell

Recent stories out of both Philadelphia and San Francisco tell of black students beating up Asian American students. This is especially painful for those who expected that the election of Barack Obama would mark the beginning of a post-racial America.

While Obama’s winning the majority of the votes in overwhelmingly white states suggests that many Americans are ready to move beyond race, it is painfully clear that others are not.

What the Census Will Show

By David Broder

WASHINGTON — Fifty years ago, when he was writing what is still the best account ever of a presidential election campaign, “The Making of the President 1960,” Theodore H. White devoted a full chapter to the findings of that year’s census. Ever since, reporters have mined the decennial census reports for the insights they provide into the changes in American society.

This week, a preview of the 2010 census becomes available from the Metropolitan Policy Program people at the Brookings Institution. Their report, “State of Metropolitan America,” financed by the Rockefeller Foundation, is appropriately subtitled “On the Front Lines of Demographic Transformation.”

The Civilianization of the U.S. Military

By George Will

MacDILL AIR FORCE BASE, Fla. — When asked whether nationalism is putting down roots in Afghanistan‘s tribalized society, Gen. David Petraeus is judicious: “I don’t know that I could say that.” He adds, however, that “we do polling” on that subject. When his questioner expresses skepticism about the feasibility of psephology — measuring opinion — concerning an abstraction such as nationalism in a chaotic, secretive and suspicious semi-nation, Petraeus, his pride aroused, protests: “I took research methodology” at Princeton. There he acquired a Ph.D. in just two years: His voracious appetite for knowing things is the leitmotif of his career.

Frank Rich Rips MSNBC?

By on 5.9.10

Perhaps no one is surprised to discover that New York Times Rich excoriates the liberal network that failed to interrupt its White House Correspondents Dinner coverage for, you know, columnist Frank Rich spends his Saturday nights watching MSNBC. What is surprising is that real news:

DeMint Declares for Paul

by Jack Hunter

Few were surprised this week when Jim DeMint endorsed Rand Paul in his bid for US Senate in Kentucky. That the man many consider the most conservative member of the Senate endorsed the son of the man many consider the most conservative member of Congress is indicative of DeMint’s genuine commitment to what most consider traditional Republican principles. Likewise, that GOP Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell so vehemently opposes Paul and has so enthusiastically endorsed his opponent is indicative of his commitment to the Republican status quo-at the expense of genuine conservatism.

How the President Became the Emperor

By Patrick Allitt

During World War II, Gen. Leslie Groves supervised hundreds of exceptional people in a vast operation to create a conflict-ending weapon. Secretly, this concentration of nuclear scientists and technologists built the first atom bomb. Secretly, they tested it in the New Mexico desert. Secretly, President Truman, who had only just found out about the project, authorized the use of two such bombs against Japan. Secretly, the Army Air Force carried out the mission and destroyed Hiroshima and Nagasaki.


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