The Insanity Of The Progressives, They Just Don’t Get It!

My question is, why do Progressives hate women that believe in God, family, country, are pro-life, and want to honor traditional marriage between one women and one man as oppose to the insanity of hating God, family, country, and calling an un-born child a choice and in so taking its life, their own flesh and blood they have no problem in killing! While at the same time sparing and fighting to defend the rights of  a murder or a  terrorist from the death penalty. And also  saying,  “it’s okay for two men or two women to marry each other”.  See the big difference? Liberalism is a mental disorder like Dr. Michael Savage says!

Just say the name of  Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachman, Ann Coulter, or Michelle Malkin and they go crazy! They show so much discontent and hatefulness toward these four women that it just makes one believe that they are insane. Go to any Progressive site and they just can’t seem to get enough of them.

The Progressives in their insanity believe that we shouldn’t drill here at home. They have no problem in being at the mercy of foreign countries. They are using the  “Oil Spill” as a new platform as to why we shouldn’t drill here at home. Never mind that the Chinese are believed to have signed a contract with the Cuban government to drill of their coast.

So if we don’t drill  then what? We’re already at the mercy of the Chinese so why not continue to be at the mercy of the foreign oil producers as well, right? That’s great for the Progressives that want to destroy America once and for all and make us just like the rest of the world. But what about those of us that don’t want to be dependent on other countries? Must we just say what the heck it’s all fine and dandy and be willing to pay $10.00 a gallon for gas and be okay with  higher prices for home heating and cooling as well as for every other item that we may consume? For the Progressives it’s okay, they don’t seem to have a problem with paying higher prices at the supermarket for the basic things like food or anything else.  These people are insane, they just don’t seem to get it.

Exclusive Video: Al Sharpton, Unplugged

I guess for them what they want is the same as  what Al Sharpton  is waiting for.  Everyone to be equal and have the same identical things in each others  home. They just can’t wait for this madness to happen. They don’t realize that yes, we have made mistakes, but our  form of government is the best in the world, ” Capitalism” has produced the best standard of living for its citizens. There is no other country in the world which allows an individual to have dreams and want to succeed like in the U.S.A.

While Socialism/Marxism/ Communism has failed and proven that it only produces mediocrity. And in the countries that have these form of government things are never equal like they claim and how our naïve and foolish “Hope & Change” crowd believe to be true. The rulers who are the government, live like kings while all the citizens are left to eat the crumbs, when they can find it. These folks  better wake up and get off the wagon, because quite frankly they have so much envy toward those that have more than them that it’s really clouding their judgment!


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