Federal Reserves, Central Bank, Cronies, And the Radical Left

After reading Dr. Ron Paul article, Fed Audit Under Fire it just gets me upset at how our elected officials could get away with this kind of nonsense. While Americans struggle to make ends meet our career politicians are giving away money left and right, not only for the “too big to fail”, but also possibly to bail out other countries.

More importantly, agreements with foreign central banks are not touched by the new Sanders Amendment language.  At a time when Greece, Portugal, Spain and other countries are experiencing dire financial crises and have their hands out to the international community, we need to know if our Federal Reserve is at all involved in bailing them out.

As Dr. Ron Paul says,

It doesn’t come as too much of a surprise that the measure to audit the Federal Reserve is coming under continuous fire from the central bank and its cronies.  For the first time since the Federal Reserve was created nearly a century ago, they have hired an actual lobbyist to pound the pavement on Capitol Hill.  This is a desperate effort to hang on to the privilege of secrecy and lack of accountability they have enjoyed for so long.  Last week showed they are getting their money’s worth in the Senate.

How stupid can we be to accept the lies, election after elections by career politician that could care less about us, the economy, or America. If Americans would pay attention to what our crooked politicians do as oppose to what they say they will do, or to what the propaganda corporate run media reports to us as facts.  We would  as a nation,  come to the rational conclusion that our country has been taken over by domestic terrorist, who’s goals are to destroy our economy, and usher in their one world government.

If we cannot take away the Fed’s ability to waste trillions of taxpayer dollars on failing companies and failing countries, at the very least, we can take away their ability to do this with no transparency or accountability to the American people.  While the Sanders Amendment no longer contains a full audit, Senator David Vitter has introduced an amendment which contains the Audit the Fed language that passed the House last fall.  The Senate must pass the Vitter amendment for full disclosure and full accountability going forward.

So after allowing the Federal Government to bailout the, “too big to fail” domestic terrorists, we could now expect this to become the norm.  How much more will it take for Americans to stop the foolishness of playing party politics. This is just an instrument that they use to keep us distracted while they transform America into a new creäture that will enslave us all.


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