Illegal Immigration, Envy And The Radical Left

Look how crazy Americans on the “Radical Left” are behaving these days. Arizona passed a law to tackle the  illegal immigration problems that they have in their state. So the “Radical Left” decided to hold demonstrations just because they believe that those who break our countries laws,  and enter the United States illegally,  some  how have the same rights as we do as Americans citizens. This is the kind of foolishness, that only insane people would believe.

We better wake up  soon, and realize that we have been had by both the Democrats and Republicans. Don’t get me wrong, I do believe there are still   good people who are trying their best to put an end to this  madness that we now have.  They just don’t have the power or the vote to get legislation through. When they speak out they are usually met with typical response from both parties and media. They are looked upon as being a kook, a flake or a conspiracy theorist.

It doesn’t take much sense to come to the realization that things are not working the way they’re suppose to. With President Obama’s fast track move for his “Radical Transformation of America” you have to be a complete idiot or insane not see the obvious. President Obama, is traveling at the speed of light,  if you just wink or take your eye’s of him or his administration for a second, the disasters are detrimental not only for us, but for all generations to come.

Don’t misunderstand me, the only difference between Obama and McCain as I see it, would have been as follows: Imagine you’re on a 100 mile  journey traveling down a one way road, and there is a cliff  at the end, with a 1000 foot drop. With Obama, you  fall quickly to your destruction. With McCain, you would have fallen down the cliff just at a slower speed, but never the less we would have fallen. So the way I see it, unless we get a new crop of people in Washington that will work for us, instead of for their own interest, nothing will ever change.

There are too many Americans these days, that think that Socialism / Marxism / Communism is a good thing. They are insane, I view them as just being envious and pawns to their “Puppet Masters”. Just because we as a nation have lost our ways and allowed what is happening to take place, It’s no ones fault but our own. If we would pay as much attention to what  our “brand name” politicians do, like we do to “American Idol or Oprah, we wouldn’t continue to re-elect these  career politician, over and over again. At times for as much as 40 years, that’s insanity!


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  1. Really enjoyed this article… So, with that in mind… Who should we trust to lead us to total destruction? It will take a long time to recover from the mess Bush left behind and from what’s yet to come. The left, The Right and everyone in between are all NUTS! Just a thought !?!?

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