Eleana Kagan And The Charade Of The Confirmation

Does any of this charade really matter? All that our career politician do is pretend that they care about us and our country, yet when they vote on legislation they prove otherwise. They’re not working for us, they answer too their Masters, the “too big to fail.”  Why should they care that she’s a Socialist/Marxist? That’s the way our government has been acting as of late. They pass laws which no one knows what’s in the bill, or has even taken the time to read.  On the one hand they criticize the evil “too big to fail” than they pass laws that will benefit them and they  go against the will of the people.

They look down at us with contempt and those of us that are exercising our Constitutional Rights to assembly and free speech, they accuse us of being racist  to even go as far as saying that we could become a possible threat and commit a terrorist attack against America. While at the same time refusing to call out those that are committing terrorist acts terrorist.  Like we saw at the Ft.Hood  massacre.

I remember back In the day when we had a real American President who cared about America, and fought to bring an end to Communism and the evil empire of the Soviet Union. Since President Ronald Reagan left office our country has made one big bad mistake after another. There isn’t much difference with the way the two parties act other than the typical wedge issues like,  abortion, gay rights and immigration that are meant to keep Americans arguing among ourselves while they go undoing what America has stood for in its previous 212 years.

Remember when the Soviets use to tell us that they had elections, and we would respond that they were the Puppets that the Communist party would put up. That’s what America is these days. Unless we rid ourselves of the incumbents that have been in office at times for as many as forty plus years, nothing is ever going to change. We need term limits, 8 years should be the limit.

We have a President that is more concern with appeasing our enemies than maintaining our relations with our close allies like Israel. Our Attorney General wants to give “Miranda Rights” to terrorist. Our  Progressive politicians from the Left & the Right argue that Illegal immigrants shouldn’t be denied their civil rights. Our Senate led by the Progressive Democrats, gave the Federal Reserve a pass and one last big favor by Christopher Dodd, before his departure. How much more nonsense like this can a country endure before it collapses?


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  1. Good post. What is happening in the country would be funny if it were not so sad…

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