News With A Christian Prespective

The Bible: Embarrassing and True

by Frank Turek

What are your most embarrassing moments? You don’t want to admit them. And if you do admit them, you certainly won’t add to your shame by inventing embarrassing moments about yourself to make you look even worse. Who’s going to lie to make himself look bad? People will lie to make themselves look good (especially politicians), but no one will lie to make himself look bad.

Do the New Testament documents tell the truth about what really happened in the first century? As I wrote in my last column, authors claiming to write history are unlikely to invent embarrassing details about themselves or their heroes. Since the New Testament documents are filled with embarrassing details, we can be reasonably certain that they are telling the truth.

The Ugly Side of Social Justice

By Sean Parr

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Behind the social justice banner lurks an ugly choice.

Nineteenth century French thinker Frederic Bastiat‘s summation of free will is quite succinct: “Society has for its element man, who is a free agent; and since man is free, he may choose — since he may choose, he may be mistaken — since he may be mistaken, he may suffer.”

A basic understanding of free will elicits a particular truth about God’s ordained relationship with man: that He wishes for us to obey Him, but for us to obey Him freely.

By Jayme Sellards

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The term “social justice” is now commonly used by leftist activists, clergy, educators, judges, and politicians to describe the goal they seek to achieve with many of their policies.  No precise definition of “social justice” is ever offered by the left.  Instead, the term is always used in a vague way — as if everyone already knows, or should know, what the seemingly well-intentioned phrase “social justice” means.

The Genesis Machine

By Noel S. Williams

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Is a revolution in science and religion underway?

On 30 March 2010 momentous experiments restarted at CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research.

In one of the coldest places in the universe — a liquid hydrogen-cooled tunnel 17 miles in circumference and 300 feet below the French-Swiss border — things were about to go nuclear and then some. Indeed, by April 2010, scientists had already created 10 million mini-Big Bangs.

Shock video: Gay discussion gets U.K. preacher arrested

Posted on May 14, 2010 | by Michael Foust LONDON (BP)

A shocking video has emerged showing a Baptist street preacher in the United Kingdom being arrested for calling homosexuality a sin.

Newspaper stories about 42-year-old Dale Mcalpine have received attention in the United Kingdom and the United States, but the video — which Mcalpine recorded with a hidden camera — did not surface publicly until May 14. It lasts just under two minutes and makes it clear that he was arrested for expressing a biblical view of homosexuality.

Pentagon mandates ‘morning-after’ pill

Posted on May 14, 2010 | by Tom Strode WASHINGTON (BP)

The Department of Defense now requires its military facilities around the world to stock a “morning-after” pill with abortion-causing effects.

The Pentagon confirmed May 14 to Baptist Press it implemented a policy in February mandating its full-service health care facilities stock the drug.

INTERNATIONAL DIGEST: Chavez trains militia as ‘personal army’

Posted on May 14, 2010 | by Mark Kelly NASHVILLE, Tenn. (BP)

Thousands of Venezuelan civilians are training at military bases to “defend” the country against enemies President Hugo Chavez says are threatening the country.

The volunteers, clad in olive-green fatigues, learn to crawl under barbed wire, fire assault rifles and stalk enemies in combat, the Associated Press reported. Critics say the “Bolivarian Militia” is aimed at maintaining control of the country, not protecting it from external dangers.

FIRST-PERSON: Should we celebrate the Pill?

Glenn T. Stanton

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (BP)–No student of the family can ignore this remarkable milestone: Mother’s Day marked the 50th anniversary of the FDA’s approval of a tiny tablet that dramatically changed the face of the family and culture.

This little pill — the first medicine ever designed to be taken by the healthy — chemically altered a woman’s hormonal cycle, preventing ovulation and thus, pregnancy.

CULTURE DIGEST: ‘Unbelieving’ pastors?

Posted on Apr 30, 2010 | by Erin Roach NASHVILLE, Tenn. (BP)

A study by Tufts University has called attention to the presence of Protestant pastors who do not believe what they preach, something the authors describe as a nearly “invisible phenomenon” of “unbelieving clergy.”


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