MSNBC Newsvine “Czar” Tyler, Did It Again

I got censored again, by MSNBC Newsvine. Why? Because I challenge their foolish Socialist views. On Monday the 17th of  May I write an article and the community complains and they remove it. The article:   Wake Up Socialism Isn’t What You Been Taught To Believe They remove my article so I helped them out and remove the rest of the articles that I had posted and decide to leave.

That is their strategy to make life impossible for those who have  a Conservatives world view on Newsvine.  If they could continually get you suspended or have your article removed they become more empowered. These people are the fringe radical left that are in love with Obama and worship the ground he walks on. All they do on a daily basis is write articles telling us how wonderful and great Obama is, and how evil the Conservatives are.

Their number one choice to show hatred toward is  Bush, they still are blaming him for the economy as well as the oil spill in the gulf.  Followed in close second is  Palin, Tea Party, Glenn Beck, and of course Rush, Michael Savage, Hannity, Michelle Bachmann and now Rand Paul.

Well they haven’t heard the last of me, so they’re probably patting themselves on the back thinking they won , but little do they know that I have  been  a member of their community for over a year, using another screen name way before I joined  in January of this year.  See I knew this was going to happen, I just didn’t think it would have taken me as long as it did to get noticed by them.  Now knowing who the players are and the way they think, I will be better prepared to challenge them on my terms which were laid out way in advance before they had ever heard of “toosmalltosucceed”.

On Tuesday, I found out that Tyler had suspended me for a day and that my article had been removed by the community.  I had been on earlier on Monday,  posted my article, had a couple of exchanges and called it a day. There are only two programs I watch and they’re on Monday, they’re “House & 24.” I don’t like to miss “24,” don’t you  just love “Jack Bauer ?”  He truly is a great American Hero!  GOD BLESS all the unknown “Jack Bauer’s” of this world who give their lives to America everyday and go unnoticed not expecting anything back in return. While here at home we have our “Elite Rulers” in Washington patting themselves on the back naming streets, buildings, libraries, schools, and taking credit for thing that they don’t deserve. What a bunch of Hypocrites!

The reason that Tyler removed my article was because of what he calls “trolling” what ever that is. He also said I was attacking and making it personal by calling them or someone “a little Socialist” in the making. Now that’s really funny since they are “Little Socialist” and that is the position that they take and defend! So I guess when Conservatives get called ignorant, religious fanatics, racist, hate mongers, Nazis with a few expletives thrown in between that’s okay and allowed?  Such  Hypocrites!

Tyler is a young kid who I call the “Censor Czar” and who those on the Left always threaten us on the Right with.  When we hit them hard with  truth that they can’t defend, they gang up on you and then report you to Tyler the “Censor Czar”.

Even with their many empty words and their  “Left Wing Radical Propaganda” that they get online from Socialist that hate America, if they can’t win their argument they will report you.  If you hold true to your convictions and press forward and don’t give in to their attacks it makes you more of a target to go after and to get you suspended. In my case this is the third time since March I have had an article removed and the second time I have been suspended for a day.

This time they did show some respect by sending me an e-mail telling me that I had been suspended for a day.  The previous time they just removed my article without letting me know. When I deliberately wrote an article calling out Tyler I got suspended. They allowed that article to stay up, because they had their ” pack of wolves ” come out defending Tyler and Newsvine which was a move that I had expected in advance for them to do.  This was the article that got removed: My Article Got pulled By MSNBC Vine, Why? Because It Isn’t Politically Correct To Their World View it was about how Fox News had beaten MSNBC by big margins the night before as reported on the Drudge Report, that drove them wild!

I did write the Newsvine team as well as the founder 4 different times which they never responded too. So it’s a big lie when the “little socialist” tell us that if you write them they will reply or give you an explanation and tell you what you can do to get your article restored. They didn’t reply to me in my case. You know with Google analytic you’re able to see who goes to your NV column, how many visits and for how long they stay there. The founder did go and did stay for over an hour viewing the articles that  I had written, but he never answered me personally, although he did make a comment on the article that I wrote calling out Tyler. He was very decent and respectful, and explained what I could do, but he never answered any of my 4 messages that I sent him through Newsvine. All that I could suspect is that the same people who take it upon themselves to remove articles not to their political leaning never gave him the message, since all written messages  go through them anytime anyone in the community wants to send someone else a message.

The reason I joined MSNBC Newsvine is because that is where the radical left hangs out.  I figure if  MSNBC will continue to lie about what the President is doing as well as all other news which they make up or choose not to report. I will then go to where those who hang on Obama’s every words hangout. I just do it to plant the “seed of doubt” in their foolish and naïve minds.  Plus it’s fun pushing their buttons, they’re extremely insecure even though that they are in the majority, they can’t handle it when being attacked with facts so they have to resort to their typical use of profanity followed by censoring. Very typical of “Socialist”

No they don’t scare me, I just choose my battles on my terms. I have never given up on anything in life.  Like I said before, I have another screen name and have been a member of  MSNBC Newsvine for over a year, I just have been less vocal with my other screen name. I will now challenge them once again. I will just do things on my terms.

Never been much of a follower of any one group or person. Although if and when I find someone who has Conservatives values like mine I do try to support them as much as I possibly can. I only follow the LORD, even though I fail more often than I would care to admit. I don’t trust men especially politicians, that’s why I don’t buy into party politics. I’m Conservative and vote Conservative. I just don’t place much hope and trust on politicians.

I do like Ron Paul and I like what I see in his son Rand. I Like Huckabee and would have like to have seen the 2008 ticket  been Huckabee/Paul. But he will never get elected as President. 50% of Americans just hate GOD and anyone that believes in HIM. They view Christians as being ignorant and religious nuts, and Huckabee was also a Pastor. So it will be much harder for him to get elected.

I like Sarah Palin, she’s not my first choice for President but I would love to see her debate Obama and shred him to pieces and see how the Left tries to spin it. Bachmann of Minnesota is a smart woman, yet the left hates her also and are always trying to decipher her every word which they usually take out of context, yet what can we really expect from the LEFT ?.

I wouldn’t be surprise if Rand Paul once he gets into the Senate later this year, and gets a year of experience under his belt if he doesn’t make a run in 2012 for the Presidency. A Paul/Paul ticket looks attractive and they are both Conservatives and Christians, that could appeal to those in the N. East  as well as out West. Just my opinion, and after 2008  Obama and his “Hope & Change” nonsense, anything is possible in this “twilight zone” we find ourselves in!


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  2. Can you imagine getting offended by being call a Conservative if you’re one, of course not. Yet to Tyler the Czar at MsNBC Newsvine, he can and will suspend you for calling someone what they’re and in my case remove your article as well. These little Socialist wannabe are very sensitive and when you call them out, they do like all good Socialist would, they “CENSOR”

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