The Left Is Scare To Death Of The Potential They See In Rand Paul

Look at the nonsense of the left now after Tuesday’s night big landslide victory of Rand Paul. They are saying now that the victory of Rand Paul, was a victory for White Supremacists everywhere. They are pathetic and like always playing the race card.

The insanity of  left never seems to surprise me. Just when you thought they couldn’t say anything dumber than the previous day, they prove you wrong with their stupidity once again. They don’t have any excuse for the poor showing from the Democrats, so what do they do? Start the same old tired song and dance routine playing the race card. Guess what Obama’s man Arlen “The Hypocrite Sale Out” Specter lost and he had Obama’s support.

I guess all the fools at MSNBC won’t be reporting those facts. Lets see how many are going to run this November on the “Hope & Change” nonsense. I predict if the left has any kind of clue to the reality that is coming their way, they will distance themselves from Obama as much as humanly possible.

Don’t be surprise when  November comes,  that Conservatives  gain huge increases. Lets see how many more incumbents decide not to run for re-election, since they know that the gig is up and their days are counted.

Look at the President’s continual blame America attitude. He’s out of touch with reality, he is incompetent and all those who voted for him, what other excuse are they going to make-up? Denial is a condition that could only be reconciled once the mind accepts reality instead of the lies which always seem more attractive to those that are in denial.

Don’t be surprised if after Rand Paul wins the Senate seat, if  he and his father  both run for the Presidency come 2012. Guess what a Paul/Paul ticket looks very enticing and you can bet that the Democratic leadership knows this and that is why they and their propaganda media is feeding all these lies. They’re scared and will say and do anything to make their “Radical Transformation Of America” come true.

Obama, Holder, and Napolitana haven’t read the Arizona immigration law, yet they continue talking nonsense so all their little pawns that lack common sense and can’t think for themselves will continue to spread their lies. The Arizona Immigration Law, all it does is follow the Federal Immigration Law which our Government refuses to enforce.

I’m tired of all the lies by our leaders in Washington, and if Tuesday primaries was any indications, I’m not alone. The masses are awakening and hopefully Washington’s party will soon come to an end.


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  1. I guess you’re talking about Paul’s statements regarding Civil Rights?

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