Beck, No He’s Not A “Psychic Nor A Psycho”

Wow!!!!! Scary, I guess there is a first time for everything I’m actually going to agree with you. I’m a small business owner and I had steady increases in sales from 1989 to the end of 2004. By 2005 sales began to get stagnant and then took a dive.  In 2006 it was very slow, for me it picked up a bit in the beginning of 2007 but I was still doing 40% less than in 2004. By the time Bush and his cronies decided that we were officially in a recension even my dogs knew it by then.

I was spending over $6oo.oo a month on gas. Everyone that I knew that was in business was hurting and had the numbers to prove it. I believe that all our problems began in the early 90’s with N.A.F.T.A. and then with Most Favor Nation Status with China. That started killing good paying jobs for Americans and hurt small businesses and manufacturers like myself.

By 2000 that was the beginning of the chapter we now find ourselves in. Obama was the last cruel joke that Bush gave us before leaving office. Obama like both Bush and Clinton didn’t do anything to help Americans. All they did was lay down the ground work for their “New World Order.” The Global Multi-National Corporations have all done well under our last three presidents and they are still doing well under Obama.

The first to feel the pinch were the blue-collar workers in the late eighties early nineties. Since than every profession has felt the pain. The ones that are not hurting are the politicians who we should all “out source for good” never to hear from them again. What they have done to our country is despicable. Yet there isn’t no one to blame but ourselves for not paying attention and voting them in, time after time. I hope that we’re learning our lesson, that elections have consequences and that party politics is nothing more than a scam, set-up  by both parties to have us fighting among ourselves while they continue on living the high life while all of us struggle daily, making adjustments just to get by.

As to Glenn Beck being a Psychic and predicting the future, no he’s no psychic he has just been paying attention like many other Americans that didn’t buy into the lies of the previous administrations as well as to our current “Hope & Change, Citizen of the World” President Obama.

As to Beck being a psycho, of course not! Only babbling idiots on the left and right would say that. I don’t care for his jokes and his sense of humor. I do believe that those who oppose him always use things he has said joking around. He should do his entire show being serious, that’s what I would recommend. To his credit he has been the most successful of all the Conservatives on radio or television to make the greatest impact at exposing the many lies of Obama and the Democrats the same way he did, calling out Bush and the Republicans when they had control.

Now my question to the Left would be, what would they do if they didn’t have Beck, Palin, Bachmann, Savage, or Rush to talk about and deflect attention from all the disasters and  lies of  Obama and the Democrats?

For one MSNBC wouldn’t have anything to talk about or blame our country’s current problems on. They would only have  their “twilight zone” view of reality that only they and the most radical on the left accept as being real. Can you imagine Mr. “I get a tingle down my leg” when I hear Obama speak, or “I can’t believe I’m hearing a black man speak ” Chris Mathews.  Ed Schultz “Psycho Talk”, he wouldn’t have a program. Keith Olbermann with his head stuck up his “orifice” what can I say about him, other than  he’s an elitist rambling idiot.  Rachel Maddow, don’t care for her politics, but at least she tries to present both sides. Although there will never be any doubt to who her story will favor or where her loyalties lies.

In conclusion both the Democrats and Republicans need their stooges or what I call pawns to deflect attention to what they are actually doing and blame the other side. That is why I’m happy to see my fellow Americans all across the nation participating in Tea Party demonstrations. To all of you that have mocked, ridiculed,called racist, hate mongers, and added expletives in between, I hope you have noticed the impact that they’re having on incumbents from the left & right who tend to speak from both sides of their mouth just to stay In power. I congratulate them and say to all the incumbents your days are numbered.


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