For All Of You That Are Too Young To Know The Real Meaning Of Socialism

Most people who would identify themselves as Liberals for the most part are anti-law enforcement. There might be some exceptions but for the most part that is the position they normally take.  Like such as when President  Obama before having all the information in the incident involving his college professor friend and the police officer in Boston.

Now imagine yourself driving on a beautiful summer day to the beach, when all of a sudden you see through your rear view mirror a police car right in back of you. The first thought that crosses your mind is, he’s going to pull me over, even though you know you haven’t done anything wrong. Well you do get pulled over and best case scenario the officer just wastes your time and abuses the authority given to him by ” We the People ” who he’s suppose to work for, and doesn’t write you a citation, you’re  still upset but you didn’t get the ticket, now the worst case scenario is that you do get the ticket and you fine yourself having to go to court to defend yourself from the action that this officer took that you believe is wrong.

When you do go to court you realize while waiting to get called that everyone that has gone before you in front of the judge, he has ruled in favor of  the officer.  Now you begin to have second thoughts and you say to yourself,  “I should have just paid for the ticket through the mail.” You take a deep breath and hope for the best, knowing that if the decision goes your way it would have been the only one that the judge has granted not favoring the officer.

Reality check if you have ever found yourself in this situation you’re not alone, this happens everyday in America. Guess what?  Under Socialism, multiply this by 1ooo%.

If any of you has ever had a small business and has dealt with your local city or county for any of the following : Occupational License, Dept. of Revenue Tax Collector Office,  Zoning, Yearly Fire Inspection, Dept. of Environmental Resource Management, just to name a few. You will realize what a badge or a position that has the title City, County, or State does to individuals that for the most part are extremely insecure and who’s job title or position defines them as a person. It isn’t a pretty sight.

Well if this is how it works today in America, can you imagine what it would be like in a system where the individual has no rights and the Government has all the rights. I don’t think you liberals have thought this through. Socialism is the first step toward Communism don’t be fooled. Look over at Europe and see what is happening in Great Britain, your every move is being monitored, like in George Orwell’s 1984.

How can any rational person want this? Even this is still a walk in the park compared to  Communism. The reality is that  Sean Penn, Danny Glover, Benicio Del Toro, Michael Moore, and the Congressional Black Caucus, who all defend Socialism which is just a nice “Politically Correct” word to call Communism, don’t have a clue or are just front men pushing an agenda knowing full well what happens in countries that its citizens have no human rights at all what so ever.  Stop allowing yourselves to be used as a pawns, wake up and come back to reality!


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