Progressives Are You Really Moving Forward, Or Are You Just Going Backward

You always hear Progressives make their claims of how ignorant those on the Right are ,specifically the Christian Right. They claim we want to hold on to the past instead of moving forward where all the countries of the world can unite and we can all live in harmony. Well guess what, what they call  “Progress”, I call going backward, Socialism doesn’t work!  All of us on the Right already knows this,  but those on the Left that are hell-bent on taking us down that road to their “Radical Transformation Of America” is a road that I like millions of other Americans in our country don’t want to travel. Below are a few paragraphs from a well written article in American Thinker by Micheal Aaron Jones Socialism: The New Feudalism

This is exactly the type of rhetoric we hear from the left all the time. With their ideas of the redistribution of wealth, and a central controlling nanny state, we’re told things such as: ‘You should listen to those who know better. You should care more about the community over your own desires; conservatives are just a bunch of ignorant hillbillies clinging to old ideas and must be forced into a better and more ordered society.’

In actuality, the left is leading us right back into feudalism, where men are enslaved to lords, knowledge is left to the ruling class, and freedom and ingenuity are hindered to prevent man from reaching his full potential. This is exactly why our founders pulled us away from the ideas of Europe and gave us every right and freedom the feudalists said were wrong to have.

If Bill Maher and other liberals want to lead us into the next century they should first study history, because they are actually dragging us back a millennium.

Now to those on the Left that prefer “Lies” as oppose to the truth, all I could say is Wake Up, you’re being led to your own slaughter.  Stop allowing yourselves to be used as pawns. Wake up from your alternate reality, it’s good to have ” Hope” but that hope must be based on reality not “Lies.”

“Change” if for good, is most welcomed, but change for the mere fact that a new breed of  leaders that are so power-hungry for control of your every existence and wants to enslave you could never be right to any  sane person. Hatred to those that have more than you and wanting to posses what they have is called envy that also is never a good thing.


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