President Obama And His “Radical Transformation For America”

Something about these images that I just can’t put my finger on

When a country forgets the evils of the past, they will soon relive them once again. What’s up with America’s leaders new-found interest in Socialism? Which is nothing more than a nice word for Communism.

We fought the Cold War against the evil empire that spread Communism around the globe.  President Ronald Reagan, brought an end to the Cold War, and now 20 plus years later, we have a new crop of leaders that want to take us backward with their ” Radical Transformation of America.”

How many among those closest to President Obama, have made public statements praising Mao, Castro, Chavez, & Che Guevara.  Those of us old enough to remember recall the mass murderer Mao and his re-education camps or Castro’s attempts to spread Communism throughout Latin America or his war in Angola. Chavez is just a wannabe  Castro, lacking the intelligence and the charisma that Castro even to this day  is able to garner among world leaders.  Dr. Che Guevara was nothing more than Castro’s personal executioner, yet we have idiot professors on college campus teaching otherwise and gullible stupid and naïve students wearing the popular Che Guevara t-shirts.  To top it off, we have our own President posing on a picture in the same way that the Che made popular.

My question is, how can a country like ours have so many people who don’t have a clue to the history of the last 50 years?  How can responsible parents not teach their children of past events? This to me is mind-boggling.

There is a saying that goes like this, you’re known by the company that you keep. Well then what can we say about our leaders that want to join in with Dictators and murderers that have killed their own citizens and promoted evil everywhere they could? Are we as a nation that stupid to assume that this “radical transformation of America” is going to be for our good.  Haven’t we learned anything from the past?

What will it take for us as a nation to come to our senses and realize that the road that we are headed in is going to lead to our own destruction.  Are we willing to wait until we wake up one morning and realize that we have no more  Constitutional Rights as individuals.  Look at all the rights we have given up since 9/11, are we any safer?  Or have they just taken more control over our lives?  Folks wake up before it’s to late!

Nelson Mandela & Fidel Castro

Chavez & Castro With Che Guevarra Looking Over Them

Fidel Castro Showing His Approval For
President Obama

Castro Back In The Day With His Typical Arrogance Smoking A Cuban Cigar

President Obama

President Obama With His Buddy Hugo Chavez

Castro & Malcolm X

Louis Farrakhan & Castro

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, I would imagine that these pictures are worthy of many more words!


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