Some Have Asked If President Obama Might Be The Anti-Christ

Is this the face of the Anti-Christ or is this just another of the many faces of the Puppets of the New World order:

Another excellent post from Dontbefooled666’s Blog after reading  Do You Recognize This Man? it led me to write the following in response. I do recommend that you read the article you won’t be disappointed.

You know even before I finished reading your article I was just waiting to see if you would post a picture of Obama. You know he’s not very smart like the propaganda news media makes him out to be. He not articulate at all, take away the three teleprompter and speeches written by his handlers and what do you have? A Puppet of the New World Order just like the last three we had before him.

He’s arrogant all right, and he does have many that worship him, but so did Clinton & Bush before him. I hope that if the past elections we have had recently are an indication that people are awakening from their slumber, and that he will hopefully be a one timer like Carter. I’m not 100% sure just yet, but I have noticed that many of those that voted for him and bought into the “Hope & Change” nonsense are now seeing the light sort of. Hopefully someone can rise from the Conservative ranks that could oppose him in 2012 and take the White House back and bring in some good old fashion American common sense with them.

I do think that the Tea Party are showing that they are making a real difference even though the propaganda news media and the career politician from both the left & the right might say otherwise. I do have to say that I noticed a trend, I’m going to go out on a limb and say that a Paul/Paul ticket could win the White House in 2012.

If one thing I have learned since 2000 Presidential elections is that in today’s America anything is possible. Just look at the sorry excuse we call Mr.President & his predecessor Bush, you mean to say that in a country as large as our these two individual are the best & brightest? I would have to say not in a long shot, yet they both got elected, and you know why? Because they both answer to the N.W.O . That is why they all continue engaging in the same wars and resume the  same policies, mind you with a taste of the rhetoric to appease the left & the right but it’s still the same.

They win and as each day passes we lose more rights as Americans. We have current leaders that have no problem at all predicting that from the Conservative ranks someone who is a Christian will arise and commit a terrorize attack sometime in the near future.  Yet they will not call out  the Muslim terrorist at Ft.Hood or the recent N.Y. city  failed attempt by a Muslim to  commit a terrorist attack. This is hypocrisy of the first degree.

Also what about the 57 states that Obama claimed to have visited while campaigning for the White House? Is he just stupid or was it a Freudian slip like many claim since they say there are 57 Muslim states. Personally I don’t know the factual number of the total of Muslim states.  I have read that there are 57 in some places in other sources say otherwise. Either way I do know that we only have 50 states that make up the U.S.A. Something that our President on two occasions stated 57.

This November will be interesting the same as in 2012 Presidential elections. I believe it will be a pivotal to our county’s future the outcome of the 2012 elections. If the Republicans regain the White House as well as Congress and the Senate lets see if they are serious and over turn all the foolish legislation of this past year in a half or if they will just continue with business as usual.


2 Responses

  1. Please (IF we have a 2012 election) . . . if you prefer the independent candidate, please vote for them! If everyone would vote their conscience instead of assuming that only a Democrat or Republican can win, things might really turn around. But then again, that would depend on whether or not we have election fraud . . .

    • I have voted in the past for Ross Perot & Alan Keyes, remember the Progressives were saying the same when Bush was president, and look what happened, Bush last cruel joke to all of us, Obama.

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