Fidel Castro Gives President Obama Some Friendly Advise On How He Might Go About Getting Re-Elected For A Second Term

Guess what,  Fidel Castro is apparently concerned for President  Obama re-election bid and is offering him some friendly advise.  It’s  obviously that Castro is concern from the recent events in which the Tea Party  have been responsible for the Conservative victories.  It’s also probable that he sees how our economy has been  taking a dive and is concern for President Obama.  So read what Castro advises Obama to do,  so that he may win his reelection bid in 2012.

According to Castro, he speculates that a nuclear strike on Iran might be able to help Obama get reelected. He also suggested that the U.S. could attack N.Korea in retaliation for them sinking a S.Korean ship that killed 46 sailors.

Apparently Castro also sees what Conservatives have pointed out since Obama became president. Castro says that President Obama is nothing more than a pawn of the globalist, or in other words the New World Order capitalist machination.

Castro claims that President Obama gives many speeches, each one contradicting the other.   According to Castro,  Obama tries to reconcile his speeches with his many words that are nothing more than dreams or fantasies.  Castro also went on to say that Obama makes concessions to different groups in a fantasy world type of way.  Claiming that Obama’s handlers or advisers are steering him wrong,  knowing  his tendencies  that he will react the way that they want him to.  He also calls Obama a victim of those sinister forces that control him.

Well there you have it, the old “Maestro” giving his young student or protegé in the making some friendly advise. Guess what else they have in common?

President Obama the Lefty and the Maestro Fidel Castro the Righty.  Who would have ever thought that President Obama would be to the left of Castro? Wait I believe it was the wannabe Hugo Chavez who made that observation.

Chavez Jokes He Is More Right-Wing Than ‘Comrade’ Obama

Thursday, June 04, 2009


President Hugo Chavez claimed this week that he and his Cuban ally Fidel Castro are more conservative than left-wing U.S. President Barack Obama, referring to the American government bailout and takeover of General Motors, Reuters reported.

The Venezuelan leader was giving a speech on the “curse” of capitalism on Tuesday as GM was filing for bankruptcy and preparing for Washington to take control of 60 percent of the 100-year-old symbol of American capitalism.

For all of you folks that think this is just crazy talk,  how about what our Left wing Radical Socialist nut cases  in power are planning to do. They want to silence those of us who have a different point of view,  one way or another that is their goal to take away our freedom of  speech.  Read Below:

Free Press goes all-in on censorship

It’s now out in the open: the Internet censors are on the march. The neo-Marxists at Free Press promised us that Net Neutrality had nothing to do with censorship. But as I’ve warned, once the FCC did their Title II Deem and Pass reclassification of ISPs as phone companies, in direct contravention of the Telecommunications Act, censorship was fully within their reach…………..


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