So Guess Who’s On Face Book? George W. Bush, He’s Baaack……

George W. Bush, is Facebook newest politicians that wants to be hip with the times and pretend that they’re regular Americans just like the rest of us. I assume he is sure that America is ready for him to show his face, after a year and a half of President Obama’s destruction of what was left by the mangling of G.W. presidency, he feels secure enough that short minded Americans will forget all the wrong that he did to our country.

Over 88,000 people like the page, and guess what else you will find? Of course  a photo of  Bush and Bill Clinton Haiti fund so that you can give your hard earn dollar to support their N.W.O. agenda. What ever happened to the days when a President left the highest office on planet earth, and they just retired and lived life not to be seen or heard from again. Yet all that has changed with Jimmy Carter a C.F.R. front man followed by George H.W. Bush, and Bill Clinton with his Clinton Global Initiative.

The Three Puppets of the N.W.O. all together side by side.

I wonder if people will be thanking him for what a great President he was to save us from those evil terrorist or maybe tell him how he opened the door for His father’s George H.W. Bush New World Order that he spoke about back in August 17,1991.  Or maybe  G.W.  comment about how much easier it would be for him to govern if he was a dictator. Or his last cruel official action as President,  making it possible for the destruction of our economy with the gift for the  “too big to fail,”  and lets not forget how these actions made it possible for foolish and naïve Americans who voted  for anything other than what was supposed to be a Conservative, which most definitely sir, you Mr. President Bush, weren’t.

Thanks to G.W. we have President Obama, another face with different political leanings but don’t ever make the mistake to think that President Obama, like those that preceded before him, Bush, Clinton and Bush the elder weren’t taking their cues from the New World Order who they are just front men or “Puppets”  for, and who are financed by their Masters to do the will of the N.W.O.

Today’s headlines, Secretive Bilderberg Club ready for protests or how about Meet the face of Big Brother in NSW or President Obama’s ” Radical Transformation For America” plans to silence all opposition by controlling the new media. Wasn’t this exactly what Fidel Castro did in 1959?  Well look at today’s headline, Obama’s FTC plan to reinvent America’s news media

How much more is it going to take for people to see the big picture? I’m tired of the same old nonsense of calling people who see the obvious of what some call a “Conspiracy Theory.”  Wake up call, it isn’t a theory or a conspiracy if they are doing it in the open.  Maybe in the past it was kept a secret, but today call it what ever you want, but don’t deny the obvious truth that is right in front of you.


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