What If Obama Really Is A Genius And Not The Incompetent Puppet The Right Claims He Is

I’ll grant you that he’s incompetent alright, yet that seems to be going around a lot in Washington these days. How about this, could it be possible that what we see as incompetence in fact may not be the case.  What if they’re doing exactly what their Masters are dictating to them to do?  What if everything that is going on is right on schedule with their plan?  Could it be possible that maybe we have been so programmed as a society to believe that our elected leaders are working for us that we actually bought into the lie?

That’s what happens to a nation when the citizens continue to re-elect career politicians that become nothing more than mini-dictators.  When people allow themselves to believe what ever is told or placed in front of them as being the truth, they become willing pawns by believing the lie that is always more attractive then the truth.  Only to wake up one day and find out that they no longer have what they took for granted. This is America today.

If people don’t take the time to learn about past historical events they will continue to make mistakes like the ones we as a nation have experienced for the last 21 years.  The Romans had the Gladiators and Coliseums, we have Democrats , Republicans, Cable & Satellite T.V.,  something for everyone to keep them entertained. While the Puppets do the will of their Masters, the N.W.O.

So what if maybe we’re the ones that are incompetent not to see the true evil geniuses that they’re and in the process have made it that much easier for ourselves to lose practically overnight what GOD gave us. What if………


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