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Helen Thomas she’s almost 90, she has been caught sleeping on many occasions, so why all the fuzz.  Sure it was a stupid comment, but she old was probably napping and suddenly awaken and said something that lots of hateful people not only think but say.  I don’t see her as someone who is hateful , I just see her as old and probably at the early stage of some form of dementia and would just leave it at that.  So enjoy your retirement Helen and may GOD grant you many more years. 


Helen Thomas resigns over remarks on Jews 

By PATRICK GAVIN | 6/7/10 2:14 PM 

Helen Thomas, a fixture in the White House press corps since John F. Kennedy was president, resigned Monday, just months shy of her 90th birthday, after remarks she made last month about the need for Jews to “get the hell out of Palestine” and return to Poland and Germany sparked a wave of condemnation. 

This is just something that came mind after reading of Helen Thomas resignation. I recall the Arsenio Hall show being the top late night talk show until he had Louis Farrakhan on. Thing like this whether they are true or false will always lead those on the fringe to make suggestions about how the Jewish people control the media as well as every other aspect of importance in our society.  Controversial moments: 

Hall claimed that his decision to have the controversial Nation of Islam MinisterLouis Farrakhan appear turned affiliates, advertisers and some viewers off the show, which ultimately led to its cancellation 

 My only problem is,  look how backward President Obama and his administration has been with our only real friend in the Middle East, Israel. Not only President Obama but many Jews here in America that support President Obama. His policies and dealing with Israel are not the way they should be, he turns the other way with Iran, and they mock him, yet toward Israel he wants to be tough and dictate to them what they can do. 

That’s crazy, Israel like any other nation has the right to protect themselves from those that want to destroy them.  Now there are those that will say that it’s because President Obama is a Muslim, is he? I don’t know, but all that I can tell you, is that you can also add this to his list of never-ending mistakes. 

Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has the right to do what ever he thinks he has to protect his country. I would be more concern with the way President Obama and our other elected official think and say about Israel  than Helen Thomas stupid comment, that at the end of the day really doesn’t matter because she doesn’t hold any political office. She is just an old woman, almost 90,  who happens to be a reporter and made a stupid comment, like the stupid comments that any of us could  make at any given time. 




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  1. Good. Never did like her.

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