In An Era Of The “Too Big To Fail” & “Hope And Change” Nonsense, Read This Political Ad

Elections do have consequences as we’re seeing with President Obama’s “Radical Transformation Of America” and since he was elected to the highest  office on planet earth, you have many people believing that Americans are extremely gullible and naïve.  Believing that if someone like Obama who has no experience other than being a community organizer could get elected, why can’t they?  Which leads to this story.

In my home state of Florida, we have many crooked politicians on all levels including a former judge who got impeached and who now serves in the U.S. Congress, Alcee Hastings.  Let not forget another House member Robert Wexler, who didn’t have a Florida residence, but it really didn’t seem to matter much, because he would always get re-elected.  I believe he is now a lobbyist, seems like that is all they do after leaving office.  It isn’t just the Democrats either, Mel Martinez also joins this group.  Plus let not forget the 2000 elections which was the opening of the Pandora’s box which has led to where we are today.

Last night I was online with my back to the t.v. when I heard Rick Scott Republican for Governor with his new ad, I couldn’t believe what I heard. His website,  You could get more information at PolitFact Florida as to the truth of their campaign ads.

Bill McCollum’s been in politics for 30 years. You’d think he’d want to talk about his record.

Instead he’s just attacking me. That’s what career politicians do.

I’m going to do something the politicians never will, give you the unvarnished truth.

The McCollum crowd says the hospital company I started was fined by the government for Medicare fraud.

Unfortunately, that’s true.

I wasn’t ever charged or even questioned by the authorities, but that’s not what matters.

What matters is that the company made mistakes. And as CEO I take responsibility and I learned from it.

Now here’s the part McCollum leaves out:

Two-thirds of the top-rated hospitals in Florida were our hospitals.

Our hospitals earned the highest quality rating, 4 times the national average.

We had the best care at the lowest prices for our patients.

If you want a career politician, go with McCollum…

But if you want someone who learns, leads, and demands accountability … I’m Rick Scott, let’s get to work.

From the above please note,

Unfortunately, that’s true.

I wasn’t ever charged or even questioned by the authorities, but that’s not what matters.

Now I don’t know how  gullible and naïve Americans might feel about this, but I sure as hell have a big problem with this.  If you see his first ad, it was about him not being a politician, and how as a business man he has a proven track record. Well to me what comes to mind, is the “too big to fail” nonsense and how supposedly businessman took advantage, lived large and then passed the tab over to us.

He is running in the Republican primary against Fl. Attorney General Bill McCollum a former U.S. Congressman, you might remember him during the impeachment of Bill Clinton.  From the three running he has a track record, and in my opinion would serve our nation well, Rick Scott since I heard him the  first time, something just rubbed me the wrong way, then last night I hear his commercial, which to me just shows the lack of respect from those who want to rule us. The other candidate running  is a Democrat and for me not even worth mentioning.

All of us who are awake, who’s eyes have seen what the Democrats are capable of and in fact are doing to America, with their radical views and Socialist agenda for America whiles at the same time bankrupting our nation. Bailouts, Health care reform, illegal immigration, gay marriage, class warfare, playing the race card, selling out to special interest, first & second amendment issues, nomination of un-qualify radicals to the Supreme Court, Mirandaizing terrorist, not calling a terrorist a terrorist but calling Americans who are Conservatives and Christians as being those of possibly at some time in the future committing a terrorist attack.  This just some of the things that troubles me about the radical left.


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