Charlie Crist The Hypocrite, How Can Any Floridian Of Character Vote For This Man?

Just another career politician that will not only say anything to get elected, he is also proving that he will do what ever it takes to get what “Charlie Wants” it’s all about his quest for power and control. This guy has proven that he will do what ever it takes.

So far this year since trailing Marco Rubio, he switched parties, something he said he would never do. Then  he signed  legislation that he was all opposed to, just  to get the support of the teachers union. Now he removes the pro-life section of his  campaign website, just in time before the Fl. legislature sends him the bill that would allow women to see the ultra sound of their un-born baby prior to an abortion. This guy is desperate and can’t be trusted, you can read more at

I’m wondering now, will  President Obama & the Democrats talk Kendrick Meek into stepping down since he has no chance of winning? Will they do as they have been accused of lately of promising to give him something in return, or will Kendrick Meek prove to be the man of character that he has shown himself to be till now, and continue in the race? We will  soon find out  shortly.

In the latest Rasmussen Reports for the Florida Senate: Crist & Rubio both had 37%,  while Meek trailed far behind at 15%.  I don’t see Charlie Crist being able to win, and the only poll that really matters, is on election day. Through this year Charlie has proven to me, what I had always suspected, that the man lacks character and can’t be trusted. My question is to my fellow Floridians, how much more lies are we going to put up with? I hope that we have gotten a little wiser since the last election and vote the no good for nothing LIARS out of office.


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