Rothstein Gets 50 Years, So How Many More “Rothstein” Are still Out There?

So was  a 50 years sentence to harsh or not? In Florida we have the Three Strike Law, which if convicted it’s for life.  So how many of these people who get convicted ever get close to even, let say  making one million through their criminal careers?  I’m not a gambling man, but if  I was, I would say that 99.9% of these criminals are drug addicts and don’t even get close.

So Scott Rothstein committed a crime worth 1.2 billion, he was sentenced  to 50 years, I doubt if he will do the sentence. With good behavior, prison over crowding  his political connections and the probability of one’s life span, I surely doubt that he will do the 50 years.

What troubles me is, how many more “Rothstein” are out there. That get away with it and never do any time.  I also wonder how many of them are practicing law, sitting as judges, or are running our country. One thing I have learned in life, is none of our leaders have a public servant attitude but rather a “ruler” mentality that are concerned for what they can get for themselves, as oppose as to what they can do for man kind or their country. Yes, I’m very cynical, and the older I get the more my cynicism proves to be right.

Rothstein Gets 50 Years for $1.2 Billion Fraud

BusinessWeek – Carlyn Kolker, Susannah Nesmith
June 9 (Bloomberg) — Former South Florida lawyer Scott Rothstein was sentenced to 50 years in prison for using his law firm to run a $1.2 billion Ponzi scheme that financed a lavish lifestyle, bankrolled his firm

So in a cynical way, Scott Rothstein when he asked the judge for leniency seeking to be sentenced for only 30 years, his reasoning was, that he came back voluntarily. I immediately remembered Joe Gersten,  and  probably Scott might also be thinking about this tonight and many more nights to come.

As county commissioner Joseph Gersten was the dominant politician in Dade County, then he got caught in a crack house sex orgy, smoking crack cocaine with four prostitutes and career criminals.  Joe Gersten claimed that his car was stolen from his driveway, while he was a sleep alone at home.  He fled to Australia to avoid prosecution where he was practicing law. Then there is the Janet Reno, Bill Clinton connection. Bottom line the guy was a crack addict, arrogant as hell and knew how to play the system. Yet the laws don’t apply to the elites of our society like it does to everyone else and for what ever reason he never did anytime.


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