Rick Scott For Florida Governor, Get Real!

So according to Quinnipiac Poll:

“Political neophyte Rick Scott has surged to a 44 – 31 percent lead over Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum in the race for the Republican nomination for governor, apparently powered by a multi-million dollar television ad blitz to introduce him to voters,”

All I have to say since I happen to live in Florida, have voted in every election since coming of age some thirty plus years ago, that I have only been polled once in my entire life. That was back in the mid to late  80’s and it was about the pro-life vs. pro-choice, which is no choice for the baby that’s being killed and nothing more than a selfish act on the part of the women.

Particularly polls will only prove what the pollster wants the out come to be. After hearing Rick Scott radio commercials, he comes across to me as a used car salesmen. His latest television commercial says it all, You could get more information at PolitFact Florida as to the truth of their campaign ads.

Bill McCollum’s been in politics for 30 years. You’d think he’d want to talk about his record.

Instead he’s just attacking me. That’s what career politicians do.

I’m going to do something the politicians never will, give you the unvarnished truth.

The McCollum crowd says the hospital company I started was fined by the government for Medicare fraud.

Unfortunately, that’s true.

I wasn’t ever charged or even questioned by the authorities, but that’s not what matters.

What matters is that the company made mistakes. And as CEO I take responsibility and I learned from it.

Now here’s the part McCollum leaves out:

Two-thirds of the top-rated hospitals in Florida were our hospitals.

Our hospitals earned the highest quality rating, 4 times the national average.

We had the best care at the lowest prices for our patients.

If you want a career politician, go with McCollum…

But if you want someone who learns, leads, and demands accountability … I’m Rick Scott, let’s get to work.

From the above please note,

Unfortunately, that’s true.

I wasn’t ever charged or even questioned by the authorities, but that’s not what matters.

Now I don’t know how  gullible and naïve Americans might feel about this, but I sure as hell have a humongous problem with this.  If you heard his first ad, it was about him not being a politician, and how as a business man he has a proven track record. Well what came to mind, was the “too big to fail” nonsense and how supposedly businessman took advantage, lived large and then passed the tab over to us.

I could understand Democrats & Moderates that bought into the lie of, “Hope & Change” nonsense, if polled to say they would prefer him over Bill McCollum, the man who has a proven track record and is a true Conservative. I also understand that R.I.N.O.’S of the Charlie “HYPOCRITE” Crist type would like this Rick Scott, but “TRUE CONSERVATIVES” no way !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2 Responses

  1. I sure wish “I could learn” from a 1.7 BILLION dollar mistake…oh yeah, this is someone I’d trust governing the state of Florida! The entire political system is a joke..the more money you have or raise, the more you can pay for advertising to LIE to the people. And where did all that money come from? But the clincher is that Rick Scott says we need to get rid of the politicians and put a BUSINESSMAN in office…he’s running for a political office in the Republican Political Party, but he’s NOT a politician? Give me a break! And I guess “monkey business” qualifies him to govern us…NO WAY will he get my vote!

    • Hello Lynne, you are right, guess what they are now doing? They’re using Facebook as a way to reach out to the masses. You would laugh if you could see the kind of nonsense by those that collect friends on FB to then spew their propaganda for their chosen candidate how foolish they come across. No one whose paying attention buys into this but ,those gullible and naive who now have a certain new found interest in politics, which is a good thing are normally their target.

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