Second Amendment, Illegal Immigration, Wet-Foot Dry-Foot And The Republican S.Florida Hypocrisy, Hialeah “Yoyito” Cafe-Restaurant Shooting

Every time someone who is irresponsible, insane, or under aged commits a crime involving a handgun, you can just hear what all those crazy whacked out commies who want to take our gun rights away will say.  It drives me crazy, when I hear our politicians talk about gun rights not pertaining to us the citizens, but to the militia. As I recall history, that is what all dictatorial governments do, take away the rights of citizen of  owning and possessing a gun or allowing them as many as they can legally afford to buy to protect themselves and their families.

It makes no sense to any rational thinking person to believe that our government, military, law enforcement, and of course criminals should be  the only ones who will have access to them if they have their way.  I for one don’t trust many if at all much of those who are supposed to work for us, you know “protect and serve” our local police officers.  For the most part, they show themselves to be insecure, immature,  and abuse the powers that we the people have given them under our laws.  They are just out there to ticket the citizens.  At least that is the way it’s here in S. Florida. They tend to be pretty much mentally unstable and corrupt.  Don’t believe me, just go on-line and read up what goes on in the state of Florida and see the kind of crap that the law-abiding citizen have to deal with.

And for any of you that think I have a beef with law-enforcement, so I must be doing something illegal. For your information you’re mistaken, up till today I have lived a life respecting the laws of our once great nation, even the ones I don’t agree with.  It is just as of late, that everything in our country just seems more upside down than what is usual.  If anyone reading this is in law enforcement and you are abiding by the Constitution and not abusing the power and the authority that “We the People” have given you, it isn’t about you. It’s about those men and women that are a disgrace to your honorable profession that make honest people look toward law enforcement and get really ticked off for its abuse of those of us who play by the rule and always seem to get the short end of the stick.

Posted by the on 6-8-2010, Headline: In minutes, rage to rampage in Hialeah mass shooting

For Geraldo Regalado — half-brother of former New York Yankees pitcher Orlando “El Duque” Hernandez — it was obvious his young, pretty wife was moving on.

Regalado, 38, showed up at Yoyito Cafe-Restaurant in Hialeah, just as his estranged wife was ending her waitress shift the second day on the job. Armed with a .45-caliber pistol that he owned, he pulled the trigger nine times, killing Molina, three co-workers and himself. He also wounded three others in a shooting spree that was described by witnesses as total mayhem.

“He came in running, like a crazy man . . . shooting everybody,” screamed one 911 caller. “He came in running and killing.”

I could just hear it now, another of the many examples that those that want to take away our Second Amendment, will come out screaming and showing why we can’t be trusted or why we shouldn’t be allowed to own guns. Geraldo Regalado did have a conceal weapon permit, that wasn’t the problem . The problem was that he was an evil man who was smuggled into our country illegally, and his past criminal record wasn’t known. While here in the U.S. he had a clean record. Which permitted him under Fl. law to have the conceal weapon permit.

What I see  wrong is our country’s backward immigration policy toward Cuba, the wet-foot dry foot policy is stupid. Plus it does nothing at stopping those that are smuggled in.  And if  more law-abiding mentally stable people had conceal weapon permits, maybe this tragedy could have been prevented.  The Left always uses tragedy for their “RADICAL” agenda.  Like Rahm Emmanuel says, “let’s not allow a crisis to go wasted.”  These are evil people who want to control every aspect of our lives, until we are completely under their enslavement.

A tragedy came to three innocent people who were trying to make a living and had gotten up that day to go to work, never expecting it to end up the way that it did, and  be their last. The reason I say three and not four is because Molina knew exactly who Regalado was, and of his criminal history and willfully chose to be in the relationship.

What really pisses me off even further from the fact that three innocent people lost their lives is the fact that our local Republican politicians, the Republican Party and all who identify themselves as Conservatives, wont ever speak about the huge smuggling problem we have in S.Florida with the Cubans.  That’s right, it isn’t only the Mexicans out West, we have a big problem here in S.Florida that never gets spoken about.  It’s our own personal little secret.

This is the kind of  “Political Hypocrisy” that makes me angry.  If the right is going to attack the Mexicans illegal immigration problem all though much greater in numbers, they should be honest and deal with the Cuban illegal immigration problem that gives them ” Carte Blanche” once they make it to our shores.

Geraldo Regalado was smuggled into Florida, something that is very common and that many in the Cuban communities in S.Florida who arrived during the Mariel Boat lift of 1980, and those who have most recently arrived within the last decade, dedicate themselves to doing, because of the huge money potential. They charge 10,000.00 U.S. dollars to bring Cubans to our shores, once they are here, they have the so-called Bill Clinton “Wet Foot-Dry Foot” policy which doesn’t make sense, but at least he did make an attempt to recognize that those now making it to our shores from Cuba, weren’t  all political refugees fleeing Castro’s Communist Cuba, but indeed just like many other people from around the world that are seeking to enter our great country for economic reasons.

What ticks me off is that Republicans never bring this up, and the Democrats never uses it against them. The reasons that Republicans don’t like to talk about this, is that traditionally the Cubans that came here in the late 50’s and early to mid 60’s are Conservatives and registered Republicans.

I guess they don’t want to upset them, although most of the ones that I know feel the same way as I do, and see this as nothing more than “Political Hypocrisy” like the one they get every four years when the Republican candidate for President comes down to S.Florida visits Little Havana community, that the first Cubans settled in the late 50’s, in which now is mostly populated by Nicaraguans and Hondurans.  Never the less they still stop by the old Cuban restaurant “Versailles” which President Ronald Reagan made famous with the  words which is repeated to this day, by every Republican that campaigns in S.Florida seeking the Cuban-American vote. “CUBA SI CASTRO NO” yet Castro is still 90 miles away from our shores spreading his Communist ideology throughout the Americas.

Mostly seen through Hugo Chavez of Venezuela and here in our own country by Hollywood’s very own, Sean Penn, Danny Glover, Benecio Del Toro, all excellent actors by the way, but mentally impaired. And of course let’s not forget Michael Moore, the Black Congressional Caucus, and ours truly, President Obama who surrounds himself with people who think that Mao, Castro, Che, and the wannabe Chavez are good people working for their fellow men.

Okay I went on a tangent, but the truth is this “HYPOCRISY” has to end, I’m a Conservative, who for one see everything that is going on in our country as just being backward. We must stop our foolish hypocritical behaviors before it destroys us as a nation. The politicians for the greater part don’t care, but all of us should.  Lets get new blood into Congress, the Senate, and into the White House, lets rid ourselves from all our brand name politicians that are nothing more than an extension from those that want to enslave us.

Last thing, Wake Up America, while we can still make a difference, let take back our country and place it in the hands of regular free loving Americans, that hold to our great country’s history and the greater good that the U.S.A. has stood for all of man kind, as oppose to the garbage which is fed to our children these days telling them otherwise and President Obama who sees it as his obligation to apologize for America, every time he goes overseas.


2 Responses

  1. You are not going to want to read this but I’m gonna write it anyway.
    The Wet-Foot Dry-Foot policy is in place to save people from a comunist government, how can you condemn them? I will bet my bottom dollar that if you were stuck with that bastard Fidel Castro or his brother Raul you would want out too. Just because you want america to be closed off and american only doesnt mean that its gonna happen, oh yeah thats right if we close off our borders there would be no america, so guess what dumbass you wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for immigration so fuck off!

    • Hello CB, why would you think I would not want to read what you have to say? I’m not looking to make friends! All I attempt to do is state what I believe to be true! In other words my personal opinion based on what I read, see, and have lived. I believe in the Constitution, most importantly Freedom of Speech. That to me means that even the things which I don’t agree with I would never attempt to censor. The only thing which I don’t allow on this blog are spam, otherwise you are free to say as you wish. I will now address your comment as well as your personal attack! By the way you have already lost the debate!

      You are not going to want to read this but I’m gonna write it anyway.
      The Wet-Foot Dry-Foot policy is in place to save people from a comunist government, how can you condemn them? I will bet my bottom dollar that if you were stuck with that bastard Fidel Castro or his brother Raul you would want out too. Just because you want america to be closed off and american only doesnt mean that its gonna happen, oh yeah thats right if we close off our borders there would be no america, so guess what dumbass you wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for immigration so fuck off!

      It’s spelled Communist not “comunist!”

      Again you know nothing about who I am, where I’m from or my roots! Second although to many of you the word Socialist/Marxist/Communist might be a new word that you have just heard within the last two years, this to me is nothing knew. You claim I’m condemning them! You must really lack comprehension skills or not have read what I wrote in its entirety. If you had you would have realize the TRUTH that I was writing.

      This leads me to think that your anger must stem from one of the following:
      1. You’re a Liberal/Progressive in favor of Illegal Immigration and Multiculturalism
      2. You’re a Hypocrite REPUBLICAN that can call out the Democrats for favoring and allowing illegal immigration. While on the other hand it’s okay to allow those entering the U.S.A. under the “wet foot dry foot” policy because as you well know they’re Cubans and we all know we can’t offend them because, “hey they vote REPUBLICAN!”
      3. Or you’re ONE of the ONE’S that I’m speaking about that are making money by smuggling in CUBANS at $10,000.00 a head!
      4. Or you’re ONE of the CUBANS that was smuggled in and is scamming the system and I offended YOU!

      The whole point of the article is the insanity of the policy and the way that it’s written. First it doesn’t do anything for the one’s that are truly suffering on the island that are not Communist. The one’s that speaks out are either dead or rotting in prison! The vast majority of those that come these days, after they have been here one year they go back to CUBA to see it as a TOURIST! They would take off right before the Christmas holiday and stay vacationing there until after the new year. They also participate in another activity traveling back and forth to the island taking personal goods from the U.S.A and selling it on the black market. You have heard the term MULE referred to those that smuggle drugs? Well today’s mule is transporting and selling regular things that you and I may take for granted that hard to get in Cuba. The mark-ups are incredible I hear.

      One question for you, if you had been serving a life sentence for a crime that you were wrongly accused of. If you were some how released from that hell hole you have been living in, would you then want to travel back and visit? They all do this for the most part. Some just go to visit their relatives and bring them supplies they need and to also sell and trade on the black market.

      So here is another one for you to answer. The first wave of Cubans that arrived here after Castro took over the island, assimilated and have become prosperous within the communities in which they may live any where in the U.S.A as well as in other countries. The difference is they left everything behind and vowed not to return until their country was free once again. In the process they had children and grandchildren and are now old or dead! Yet they never visited the island even though in most cases they had family who were never able to come here. They have morals believe in GOD and are politically Conservative. So why is it that they were able to leave everything behind and have never visited the island while those who have been born under Castro’s totalitarian rule of the island once they come here they can’t wait to go back?

      I don’t expect for you to attempt to answer because you don’t have a clue to what you’re talking about and your written words above confirm it. So in conclusion stop being ignorant and don’t allow yourself to be played by party politics. That’s why our country is in the mess we now find ourselves in. People such as you lack reasoning skills to see the obvious.

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