What A Short Sighted President, Yes I’m Talking About You, President Obama

One way or another your “Radical Transformation For America” will go on, regardless of what ” We the People” have to say. Come out and say it, this was no accident, this was a domestic act of terrorism, done by like-minded individuals, now we can move on to your next important agenda that your Master have assigned you.

Cap & Trade, that is what it has been all about,  The BP oil spill means America needs Cap and Trade, no matter at what cost to whom or even to the greatest man-made disaster of all-time. What’s next, American blood rolling down our streets, followed by Marshall Law, re-education camps, no election? Yes, all of us old enough that remember world history, know that all of this has been played out before. Yes in another continent, with different characters,  but at the end of the day, just plain evil men in disguise who fooled the masses, talking about “hope & change” and new beginnings.  May the ALMIGHTY have mercy on us all. If we can put a man on the moon, Mr. President, then why can’t we stop the leak? That mere men have dug up? Come on and give me a break! Don’t assume that all Americans are fools and buy this heap of nonsense coming from the White House. You mean to tell me that the engineers at B.P. never had a constituency plan in case something like this might go wrong. Further more, government regulators never thought that it might be wise for them to have a plan just in case? I don’t buy it, and I’m not alone.

What our country has become since 9/11 is real disturbing. We are now a nation of sheep that follow our so-called leaders, even when it’s to our own destruction. What a sad time for a once great powerful nation that stood up for what was right and whose leader had the vision and determination that America would not be bought or ruled by foreign oppressors, yet that is where we’re today. These days even the good people of,  Ouch! Louisianans say Bush did a better job on Katrina

This is really saying something, when you think about it. What other excuses are the puppets  of  MSNBC going to make up now?  We need a real President, not the sorry excuse that we have had for the last four.  What our country needs is a real leader like President Ronald Reagan, this was a real genuine person who loved America, its people and new what freedom and democracy was all about.  He wasn’t “Politically Correct” nor afraid to offend those that wish to cause us harm.  He took the bull by the horn, and proved to the entire world that America wouldn’t tolerate any nonsense from foreign or domestic terrorist. The Original Mr.AntiEstablishment: Ronald Reagan , you Sir, were truly an American Original! Not like all these impostors that have followed.  Sir thank you for allowing myself to witness with my own two eye’s what a Real American President looks and acts like, we need someone  like you more today, than ever before in our country’s history. GOD save us all!


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