Democrats Beware, Read What NPR Poll Reveals

NPR Poll is Bad News for Democrats

By Sean Trende June 18, 2010

The last week of House polls have reinforced the view I have held from April of this year that a 50-seat loss or so is the midpoint scenario for Democrats this fall, rather than the 25-40 seat range that most analysts seem to be talking about. This week’s generic ballot tracking poll from Gallup shows Republicans with a 5-point lead, tying their previous best showing from 1994. The previous two weeks revealed a 6-point lead (the largest in 50 years of Gallup tracking) and a tie. Three datapoints do not a trend make. But it is hard to ignore that two of the best three generic ballot showings for Republicans ever in Gallup occurred in the last two weeks.

The Democrats like Obama didn’t do to well this week, yet it still isn’t preventing them or deterring them from their quest for their “Radical Transformation” for America.  I don’t trust or place much emphasis on polls. Although when the left leaning Polls starts revealing what you believe to be true, it does get your attention. I will wait till Nov. to see what the only poll that matters tells me.

The coward hypocrite Republicans ate one of their own this week, and proved themselves to be no different from the typical career politician that can be found in Washington D.C. working for their self-interest and preservation.

The statement made by Rep. Barton was correct as were those by Michele Bachmann. Why should the Democrats make and control what will be a new slush fund for them?  B.P. should be made to pay for the mess which they have created, and reimburse the states, the people who’s livelihood is now ruined and the entire cleanup from their man-made disaster.  But in no way should we allow the fund to be controlled by Obama, Holder, or Democrats, they have proven that they can’t be trusted.


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