Hold B.P. Accountable Yes, But No OBama Slush Fund!

Democrats driving off a cliff

Examiner Editorial
June 18, 2010

Last week, President Obama’s job approval rating sank to 46 percent in a Gallup poll, matching the lowest weekly job approval rating of his presidency. Few Americans were surprised. Obama’s bumbling response to the BP oil spill drove the latest decline in his popularity almost equally among Democrats,

Read more at the Washington Examiner:

At the end of the day the only poll that will make a difference will be this Nov. and in the 2012 presidential elections. Americans always seem to prove themselves to have short-term memory.  Now if Obama continues in his blundering ways we should think that he will be a one-term president.

The important question will be, if he will leave office if he loses his re-election bid?  Hasn’t he been accused of over stepping his Executive powers? Yet who among the Republicans so-called leaders have done anything other than their typical little sound bite to appease those within the party.  Look at yesterday how quickly they backed away from supporting one of their own, Rep. Barton. This is why our country is in the mess we find ourselves in, these career politicians have no backbone!

B.P. has to pay up for all the damage the oil spill is causing, to the environment, the states, and the people whose livelihood their lack of planning  has ruined.  With all this said, I don’t want the President, the Attorney General, or the Democrats to be in control of this slush fund!  Let it be handled by those who are being directly affected.  Allow them to set up their own independent board, made up of people who work for the fishing, oil, hospitality, or any other industry who is and will suffer etc..

I would rather have them, assume the responsibility than Obama, Holder, another Czar, or any Democrat or government agency who once again was caught asleep while those that are “too big to fail” not only create another economic disaster but also the biggest environmental disaster to date.  This once again proves that our government isn’t looking out for our interest. This happened on Obama’s watch!  So for all of you on the Left, that always cry Bush, let this be a wake up call!


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