Tell Me It Isn’t So!

US Senate candidate Marco Rubio, state Rep.David Rivera named in Tallahassee home foreclosure

Associated Press
06/18/10 2:35 PM EDT

Read more at the Washington Examiner:

TALLAHASSEE, FLA. — Republican U.S. Senate candidate Marco Rubio and another Miami politician are facing foreclosure on a Tallahassee home they co-own for failing to make mortgage payment since January, Leon County court records show.

Marco, is still my choice for the U.S. Senate, if this is the only dirt that they have on him, he is in good company like many other Americans that have either, lost their homes or find themselves in foreclosure. This is just some good old fashion Florida fishing expedition that at the end of the day wont change anyone’s mind.  Charlie “The Hypocrite” Crist is a desperate man, there is still plenty of time left for skeletons to start coming out of his closet, before election day!

Have you noticed when those that are unknown make a run and challenge the establishment the  ” good old boys” network, how the media will do just about anything to report even the least significant issue that they can on the newcomer or challenge?.  My only question is, why didn’t they research President Obama?  Why was he given a pass?  Why?  Could it be that he is part of the establishment of the  “good old boys” network?  You betcha!


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