Obama Has No Interest In Stopping The Oil Leak!

Why is it that the true racist among us the “Politically Correct” crowd of fools found on the left who decided that it was a black mans turn to be President, voted for the least qualified that they could get and promote with in their brand of Socialism? Why not promote and choose a qualified person regardless of skin color? They the Democrats are full of hatred, envy, and now Idolatry can be added to their list. The idolatry and worship of government and all their demigods that they place their hope for the future as well to the fraud called “Global Warming & Climate Change”

I have in the past voted for President for a man whose skin color happens to be black, not because of guilt or believed that it was the “Politically Correct” thing to do, but because I believed he was the most qualified to be President at the time. This man was and has always been a Conservative, he is intelligent, is quick on his feet, a great debater, extremely articulate, and poses a whole lots of common sense, his name is Alan Keyes, and this was before I or anyone else had ever heard of the name of the fraud that now occupies the White House, Obama.

Obama has NO need to stop the “Oil Spill,” the longer the leak goes on, the more harm it does to the environment the easier it will be for him and his Masters to control the masses of idiots who worship Obama and the environment.  It wouldn’t surprise me if this like 9/11 wasn’t just another inside job to advance their N.W.O. agenda.  I’m sick and tired of all this crap from both the Democrats and the Republicans.  Cap & Trade, more control this is what they hope to gain.

Notice how those that are fighting for America and the American people are always eaten up by their own, the Republicans have bowed down to Obama the same way Obama bows down to foreign leaders when traveling abroad.

If the Republicans are serious and not just looking for their little sound bites on Fox News to pretend to those gullible on the right that they are working for them, they must go on the offensive 24/7 and not let up or be intimidated by the left-wing propaganda Socialist Elite media.  Who cares if they attack you?  What that would prove to me, is that you are working for us the people of the United States of America, and not for this N.W.O, who seems to have most of if not all of our leaders in their pockets and pulling their strings.

If they really care for America and the American way of life, they will fight hard without having to wait for what the latest poll tells them. I agreed with what Rep. Barton said, as well as Michele Bachmann. Kyle and Session are on the right track and Ron Paul is always introducing legislation and working on our behave.  We just need more Republicans to do the same everyday until we no longer have Obama in the White House and rid ourselves of this N.W.O mentality that our current crop of leaders seem to believe and follow from both the left and the right.

Who the hell really cares what the left-wing media has to say, I sure don’t, so than why should those who we give our vote to, be more concerned with what they think? They should be concerned with what we think, because we are keeping record of what they say, do or don’t do, and those from my state that are up for re-election sure aren’t going to get our vote.  I’m in Florida by the way. The state of The Balart brothers, Illeana Ros Lehtinen, Charlie “The Hypocrite” Crist, who as individuals and as a group have never done anything that has been good for our state or America.

Now our great state has to choose from Bill McCollum or Rick Scott for governor of our state.  One a career politician the other a Multi-Millionaire who as a businessman, the company in which he was the C.E.O. was charged with Medicare Fraud, but like he tells us in his commercial that really doesn’t matter.  What the hell right, it isn’t like he is running to be president?

Than there is Charlie “The Hypocrite” Crist, this man is dangerous and cut from the same tree of that of  Obama, Clinton, and Bush, of this world. Yet according to the latest polls he’s ahead for the U.S. Senate race from the three running, leading Marco Rubio, the cause of all his latest Hypocrisy’s.

I don’t believe in polls, but I do believe that many among us do suffer from short-term memory and are naïve and gullible to vote for whom the Masters promote from within the system.  So we will have to wait and see when the only poll that really matters comes this November.  Either we would have learned our lesson from this “Hope & Change” nonsense nightmare that we are living or we haven’t.  We will just have to wait and see.


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  1. Again sir, you have hit the nail on the head. Obama and his incumbents are nothing more than puppets of a higher authority. Not God. But someone higher than Obama. Now I don’t know who, and I don’t care to know really.

    Unfortunately you have to give Obama some credit, not much, but some. Because his stupid ass self managed to get elected, be it by voter fraud or not.

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