So You Call Yourself A Christian And You Voted For Obama, Think Again?

So all of you who voted for Obama, do you believe his policies are biblical? The life of an un-born child by all those who call it a choice believe that it’s the women’s right to choose whether a baby sees the light of day, now if that isn’t bad in itself, the extremist will even deny a child of a botched abortion the right to live!  These are the same people who are against the death penalty toward murders and defend the rights of  terrorist.  While calling anyone who disagrees with Obama or the Democrats radical transformation of America, a racist or hate monger.

Obama not only sat in a church for twenty years that taught Black Liberation Theology, which is nothing more than a Marxist doctrine, but he also is okay with partial birth abortion!  He has managed in less than 2 years, to make even Jimmy Carter’s policies look good compared to his radical transformation for America, and he has made people begin to reminisce about the good old days, when G.W. was president!  What a difference, 2 years makes.

How much more can we as a nation endure with this crop of leaders in Washington?  What will it take for the Obama believers to realize that they have been had by their false messiah?  How much more domestic terrorism of our economy will it take for the Senate, Congress, and Judicial branch to take notice?  We all know that what passes of as traditional news media, is nothing more than an arm or extension of the N.W.O. élite  Multi-National Global Corporations, who are American in name only, and use  it for the benefit of their bottom line, but how much more will it take for the other branches of government to react to the insanity that plagues America today?

This is the kind of nonsense that has become a daily occurrence with Obama, everything he says and does only makes things worst  for all Americans, who love their country and the American way of  life.  Marxist principles are all based on the assumption that there is no god.  So they then take the role of god, by making the citizens become dependent on Government for everything, and in so, they’re able to control all aspects of their lives. This is what this new health care reform is going to do, along with cap & trade, and immigration reform and any other of their sinister plans that they have in store for us.

Where is GOD in the policies that Obama and the Democrats are passing into law?  With the majority of Americans outraged at Obama and the Democrats, for their  lack of concern for what “we the people” over whelming don’t want. Their arrogance and elitists mentality that has no substance and lacks any kind of common sense, never the less, they know best and “we the people”   should just stay quiet and move aside. Lord forbid if we say anything that our leaders don’t agree with, as you well know by now we are all racist and hate mongers.  How can Obama call himself a Christian when he is destroying what GOD had blessed for the past 232 years before he took control of the White House?   What we are seeing  here in America today could be described as tyranny. Everything with this administration has proven to be disastrous for the country!

President Ronald Reagan almost 50 years ago spoke of how if allowed, they would use Socialize medicine as a way to control all aspect of our lives. He was correct, that is exactly what they are attempting to do.  Over the weekend, I read about what we can expect to see become reality on January 1, 2011 Six Months to Go Until The Largest Tax Hikes in History.  Read and see how Obama lied to all of you not only about his faith, but about who would pay taxes!  All of you who bought the lie, that is  right out of the pits of hell, which is  the “Hope and Change” nonsense that Obama preached to you, is all coming to fruition!

The question I ask to all of you who call yourselves Christians, and voted for Obama is,  for you to take a close inner self inspection at what you claim to believe, because quite honestly, how can anyone who calls themselves  a Christian have voted  for Obama?  This is quite disturbing to say the least.  The Democratic Party who far and large support  the right to kill an un-born child, by you just voting for anyone in this party, you are just as guilty as what they stand for. Democrats wants to be inclusive to everyone including illegal immigrants who break our countries laws by entering illegally and using the system that they do not contribute into nor report income, like the rest of us who do play by the rules and whose Democratic leader don’t seem to care for, one way or another until they need your vote!

This should be extremely troubling for anyone who has been saved by the grace of GOD.  Every legislation that is being pushed through Congress and the Senate without them reading or allowing us to know what is in the bill, this should be an eye opener for anyone who has ever valued their freedom and what it has meant to be able to call yourself an American. This is a country that has been blessed by the ALL MIGHTY since its birth as a nation. May GOD, once again show HIS grace and mercy to us who are called by HIS NAME!


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