I Have Yet To Meet Anyone Who Calls Themselves A “Latino Or Hispanic”

Why is it that if Americans want their borders protected, the Liberal Left-Wing media call us racist?  What sane country in the world doesn’t protect their borders? Just because we want our borders protected, doesn’t mean that we hate our neighbors to the South. All that we want is for them and anyone who wishes to enter our country, to do it legally. I don’t blame Mexicans or anyone else for trying to make it here to our country, their government is way more corrupt than ours and their standard of living is way below those who are classified as being poor here  in America.  For the most part those  crossing the borders are doing it to provide for their families.  They are hard workers and descent people.  If  I was in their shoes, I would do the same.

It’s the fault of our federal government for not protecting our borders and enforcing our federal laws that are in the books. Terrorist have been known to enter the country by those mean as well. I would like to see all employer who use them as modern-day slave be charged,fined and imprisoned.  The Liberals have their agenda as to why they want amnesty for the illegals, the Republicans as well. That is why they don’t do anything when they are in the majority to prevent it either. We the American people are the ones who always get played by both parties.

Why is it that Liberals are so obsessed to make everything about race?  Why is it that Liberals have to categorize and divide people into groups? Are you aware that it’s the Liberal News Media and Liberal Hollywood that gives people like yourselves the perception about what a “Latino or Hispanic” looks or acts like?  Do you realize what a racist comment you just made?

However, if you happen to be Latino, or even look to be so, a driver’s license probably won’t be enough.  Now, unlike your white neighbors,

I wander if the claim that you make about your Argentine friend are really true?  I’m from S.Florida the new melting pot of America. You can find people here from any where around the world, plenty of new immigrants from the former U.S.S.R., you can also find Germans,French, Italians, Chinese, Brazilians, Argentinians, as well as people from all over Central and South America, and the Caribbean islands.

Are you aware that none of the people who you Liberals classify as “Latin or Hispanic” refer to themselves by those name? If they have been born here or raised in the U.S. they considered themselves Americans, which is exactly what they are!  If  they have lived here for a short time and have not assimilated they will identify themselves from their native country. As to your comment about “color of your skin makes the difference” You are a sad example of what the Left-Wing media has done to all the simple-minded pawns.  First of all the one’s that would have the brown skin color would be the natives, who like our natives in the U.S. are Indians.  Who are the true native to these regions. Are you aware that the Spaniards are also European and white? Are you aware that Italians, Portuguese are also white and European, are you aware that in Latin American countries, they have  people who are Black ,Chinese, Japanese, as well as from the M.East and many other European countries?

You’re so out of touch with reality that you only believe the lies that you hear from your Liberal Left-Wing media.  They lie all the time so that they could full fill their agenda for America.  Which they have planned for a long time. This radical transformation for America, is meant to destroy our economy so that they can then redistribute the wealth, but the kicker is that it isn’t meant for the “Obama Idiots”  that voted for him and worship the ground that he walks on. It’s meant to be distributed among the rest of the third world countries! Wake up !  It would probably do you good to come visit my state and allow your stereotypical Liberal Left-Wing  mentality to see with your own eye’s that there are many people who are from Latin America that are just as white,with blond hair, blue or green eye’s as any one who you Liberals would refer to here in America as being a racist, you know those evil hate mongers, the white folks on the Right!

Are you aware that even though they all share the same language Spanish, there are vast differences from one country to another? A Mexican doesn’t speak or sound like a Cuban, an Argentinian speaks completely different from a Colombian or Peruvian. What is politically important to one group, may not be to the other. The racist group called ” LA RAZA”  is a tool of the Liberal Left and is made up mostly of  Mexicans,  this has no value to an Argentinian, Cuban, Dominican, Brazilian, Venezuelan,etc. You folks on the Left have to put your true hatred aside and stop assuming that because they all share a common language which is their mother language from Spain, doesn’t mean that they all share the same world view.  By the way, Cubans that came here prior to Castro or the late 50′ s early 60’s are for the most part Right-Wingers, their children born here are also. The ones that came during the 1980 Mariel Boat lift, are not, the ones that continue to come under the wet-foot, dry-foot policies are mostly all communist,  just here to exploit and take what America has to offer. And the Argentinians, these people tend to be extremely proud and arrogant, more so than the Spaniards and Cubans, which is saying a lot  if you had ever met any of them, you would know what I’m talking about. Ask an Argentinian woman what does it mean when it thunders? Their response will be, ” that it ‘s GOD taking their picture!”

My advice to you is, stop believing all the Liberal Left-Wing lies that the media and Hollywood tells you.  It isn’t true, and if anything, I want to drive this deep into your mind, no one from any country in Latin America identifies themselves as “Latin or Hispanic”  that is all a Liberal Left-Wing politics made to divide our country even more than what it all ready is. When you see a foreign National identifying himself as such, it’s all political and meant to create division here in America,  wake up, and stop being a pawn!


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