Republicans Wake Up, And Come Back To Reality!

Although I’m a right-wing conservative, I do agree with the video.  With the exception of placing all the blame on Republicans. Both political parties have  taken advantage of us. Since  George H.W. Bush who gave us the saving and loan Bailouts,” read my lips no new taxes” and “we are now entering a N.W.O. to  Bill Clinton’s  N.A.F.T.A , and Most favored Nation Status with China, to it all depends what “is” is,  and  G.W. 9/11, patriot act, two wars, massive debt, “too big to fail bailouts” and his most cruel joke of all, Obama!

Now Obama who was sold to all the idiots on the ‘Hope & Change” nonsense  is following exactly where G.W. left off. Except at a much faster speed crippling our economy and creating a massive debts that will bankrupt us, which is exactly what they had intended to do.  They are  mere puppets of the N.W.O. and they play the left against the right while they go on following the policies of the one that came before them who cleared and prepared the road in which we find ourselves traveling.  They play us like a fine fiddle. They are purposely  destroying our country from within and then they get their pawns from their respected party to defend their in-actions that have led to what we see today.

Obama, Holder, Napolitano are the three stooges, One  a closet Muslim who hates America and what it stands for, the other a black racist, and the third just a pure idiot. Until we rid ourselves of all these incumbents from each party who in some cases have served for as long as 40 plus years and in essence have become mini dictators, we won’t accomplish anything for the good of Americans who want to do what is right for the country. We better wake up and stop allowing ourselves to be played, G.W. prepared the road for Obama, and Obama is causing more damage to our country than what idiot Bush was able to accomplish in eight years. Socialism/Marxism/Communism isn’t the answer, we need to get back to the basics and common sense approach that made our country great!

I enjoyed the video, and the sad thing is they are willing to print money without restrain lend it to foreign nations, and bailout all their Global Multi-National Corporations that are American in name only and even those that aren’t, but are not willing to extend benefits for people who in many cases are for the first time in their lives are collecting un-employment,  not due to their fault,  but due to the fault of the Government who are in bed with the  greedy “too big to fail”  gangsters. They claim to represent us, but the truth is,  they could actually care less.  Which is what they prove with all their backward legislation, and little sound bites on their respected  MSNBC or Fox News stations. Depending on who they are trying to sell, without actually doing anything that will benefit Americans.  Wake up guys and stop allowing yourselves to be played!


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