If I Hear One More Time, Mel Gibson Is A Racist…

If I hear one more time that Mel Gibson is a racist, this will just prove my point of how the American people have allowed themselves to  become nothing more than mere pawns. They will agree with what ever they are told , by those who are working every second of the day to enslave them.

Mel Gibson, I will grant you isn’t “Politically Correct” but so what! Why is there a double standard when a white man says in public what most of us, not only think but say among ourselves? Come on now, lets stop being hypocrites and tell the truth. So Mel got upset with his girlfriend that was dressing like a hooker and in the process disrespecting him as a man. So he got caught  on tape calling her names which were demeaning and which he shouldn’t have said, so the question is, “should we give her a pass for provoking him”?  You actually believe she didn’t set him up? How did we get the recordings? I would call this pre-meditated, wouldn’t you?

As to Mel’s “nigger comment” oops there I go, I just said that horrible “n” word that could only be used by blacks! Is it just me, or does anyone else see the evil stupidity behind all this? We can call white people racist, hate mongers,cracker, honky, or what ever the lingo of the day maybe, but GOD forbid you call a black person a nigger, oops, I said it again! Seriously now, do you people realize that this “Political Correct” nonsense has gone way out of hands!

We have the Black Panthers up and going making claims of wanting to kill white “cracker ” babies,  so where is the outrage in all of this? Now Rush, makes a comment about the “cracker  George Stienbrenner who made a lot of black baseball players millionaires”  and somehow what he said is reported as being controversial and racist, you got to be kidding?

We as a nation better wake up to the realities that the Social Engineers are playing both the Left & the Right, to the point that the individuality which makes us all unique is being replaced to what they, the N.W.O. wants to conform us into! Folks you better wake up, and soon while you still have a country.

If they have it their way, there will be no borders or citizens of the good old U.S.A., only citizens of the world. That’s what all this deal with Arizona Illegal Immigration policy is all about. You can also add multiculturalism, Cap & Trade, Health Care Reform, Bailouts, and a host of other goodies like categorizing people into different race groups.

There is only one race and that’s the human race that I’m aware of. Politicians who play the race card do it,  because since they have no ideas to offer for the good of our country, they must insure their political careers by playing the race card. I’m tired of hearing people being classified as African-Americans,Hispanics, or Latinos, Gay, Tran-gender, Straight, Christian, Catholic, Protestant, Jew, Muslim, Atheist, Democrat, Republican, Moderate, Blue-Dog, Liberal, Conservative, Right-Winger, Nazi,Progressive, Socialist, Marxist, Communist or what ever! What happened to just being an American for crying out loud, what the hell is wrong with us?

Are you one of those Obama worshipers that still doesn’t get it?  That is afraid to call a Muslim terrorist, a terrorist?  That believes that water boarding is a bad thing to do to people who if  given a chance will chop your heads off ? Or calling an illegal immigrant, illegal? Guess what?  You’re a pawn of the N.W.O. who also controls your puppet leaders into passing stupid moronic legislation that can only make sense to those who will have a seat at the table of the Elite One World Government ruling over us as slaves.

Just wait one second you sheep on the right that believes every word that comes from your pastor’s mouth as  being GOD’s own words, you too are being played! Just from a different angle but never the less you are.  Allow me to explain, how many times have you heard pastor John Hagee preach about salvation, and JESUS being the only way? Yet when he has  Zionist in his church as guest , he never condemns them because they are Jews, and GOD forbid if we call GOD’S chosen people out for not believing in CHRIST!  Why?  Ask yourselves the question, why does Christianity teach that JESUS is the only way to heaven and that there is no other way, but Jews are given a free pass? You see the evil foolishness right out of the pits of hell in this, don’t you?

The same way as the Left plays to the minorities for their vote, the Right plays the Christians. The way I see it, a pawn in a chess match no matter whether white or black is still is a pawn! Wake up and hear the truth, JESUS said,” I’m the way the truth and the life and no one come to the FATHER if not by ME”! That includes Jews also! “emphasis added”

When are we going to realize that the N.W.O. is behind what we see and have accepted as being “Politically Correct”!   Why should I as a white man be denied the right of calling anyone whether black, brown, or white a nigger, if I so choose to ? Why do they want to deny me my constitutional rights, to free speech ?  On the other hand someone whose  skin color is black can? Are they more worthy than I, because they are black? Why can’t I  as a white man,  be able to use the same vocabulary allowed a black man? Why can they call a black women, “black nappy headed hoe” and when a white man says the same thing he is called a racist? While we are at it, why can “La Raza”  call themselves the race and show hatred toward white folks and  skin-heads and KKK, are ostracized for doing the same? Can you see the obvious hypocrisy in this?

Why are many members of  the A.C.L.U, who are mostly made up of atheist, could choose to identify themselves as Jews when it is convenient for them, and always get away with attacking CHRIST, Christians, and anything having to do with the Christian faith, yet when someone who isn’t a Jew says something that they don’t like they call them an anti-Semite? Michael Savage calls them out all the time, I never hear them call him an anti-Semite. That’s why I appreciate Michal Savage for his honesty and for telling it like it is, thank you Mr. Savage!

Now why must I refer to someone who likes to have sex with someone of their own sex gay? The word gay means to be happy, why can’t I refer to them as fags or fagots? Do you see the stupidity behind all this, or is it just Mel and I who see it this way?

While we continue to travel down the road that they have prepared  for us, what are the puppets doing for us in Washington right now? Have they done anything to help those whose un-employment ran out?  Who through no fault of their own for the first time in their adult lives find themselves with out a job , not because they’re lazy and  want to live on the tax payers dime, but because there are no real jobs being created in the private sector,and  the only jobs that are being created are in government, and we all know who the recipients of those jobs are, and the conditions attached to them, don’t we?

How about the N.A.A.C.P with all their racist nonsense why do we give them a pass, as well as Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson? How about the idiot on MSNBC Olbermann, is this guy for real? How can he believe the garbage that comes out of his mouth is beneath me! I would think he would choke with all that garbage spewing from his mouth, how can anyone swallow anything that comes from this arrogant man seems surreal to me.

So in conclusion, Mel Gibson isn’t a racist, he just an imperfect human like the rest of us, with insecurities and hangups, he just happens to be a public figure who as an individual  has his own ideas and isn’t willing to conform to the “Politically Correct” who he has happen to piss off on many occasions and will most likely in the not so far future do it again.

The powerful Elites of the N.W.O. don’t like it when we choose to think for ourselves instead of following their well orchestrated plans that have been in the makings since longer than anyone among us can imagine. For this they will continue to try to crucify Mel  and any of us unless we conform, and  I just don’t seem to see this happening, not from Mad Max.  Or people like myself who are sick and tired of all this nonsense and lack of common sense that is destroying our country! Get real America, we are being played, don’t be part of the problem, choose to be part of the solution instead.

Racism and hatred is evil, anyone regardless of skin color or religion that allows themselves to be played and will accept the lies that are given to them as a way of enlightenment, which in reality are nothing other than lies that are straight from satan himself in the end only hurt themselves and those who they love.

I choose not to judge any man by his skin color, ethnicity, religion, or lack of it, but rather for who they are on the inside. I have met many racist in my life, some white, some black, and others of different nationalities. I have met people who claim to be Christian that are worst than any atheist that I have ever known. I have also met  people who have chosen for what ever reason to live a homosexual lifestyle who to be honest with you, are really GOD loving people and who I could personally care less what they do in the privacy of their home.

I had a customer whose from Pakistan, we later  became friends,  he’s of the Muslim faith, and who has always been nothing but honest and honorable toward me and my family.  I also did business for many years with a Jew who to be honest with you never cheated me  and always paid me on time and was one of my best customers if not the best. Okay yes, he did try to nickle and dime me the first time we did business, I just told him how I did things and that I wasn’t going to play games every time we did business and if he wanted my service  he had two options,  either he accepted my terms or he could take his business else where. He chose to give me his business and it worked out well for both of us, we both respected and trusted each other and made money in the process.

All through my life as a kid till today a middle age man I have had friends that have been white, black, and from many different Latin American countries, even some from the former Soviet Union and Asia. Guess what, we are all the same, so lets stop being pawns and work together and rid ourselves of those who gain by dividing us! Bye the way the majority of niggers I have met in my life have been white, and for the most part the racist have been black and from Latin America, so go figure?


4 Responses

  1. You are considered a dangerous man to the powers that would use us. Your common sense is a powerful weapon against thier goals.

  2. Mel has been ‘black listed’ by the Luciferian Zionist Mafia who OWN HOLYWOOD….this is an agenda to demonize Mel and destroy his abilities to make more films, Like the Passion, The Patriot, and BraveHeart…I stand with Mel!
    Give’em HELL MEL!!! 🙂

    • Thank you Lisa, I really enjoyed visiting your site and thank you for stopping by. I think that when Mel does his bad boy routine and usually gets caught, I see him as Mad Max. Although in reality I see him more as a Patriot and a Braveheart more than anything else.

      Have you seen how Whoppi Goldberg has been trashed for making the obvious statement that Mel isn’t a racist. Or Morgan Freeman for just being an American, instead of a hyphenated American? The liberals just hate that, and like always attempt to divide and create distractions so they can continue with their Radical Transformation of America! Each day that they distract us with foolishness is another day of victory for Obama, and like Rahm “I never met a crisis I didn’t like” Emanuel would say, why let it go to waste, they just love it! And the fools among us eat it up!

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