Insomnia Part:2 Also Known As The Liberal Insanity That keeps Us Awake At Night!

As the days turn to nights and the nights into weeks and the weeks into months we see the years passing at a speed that brings us to the realization of just how short our lives truly are. To make things even worst we find ourselves living in the greatest country known to man, seeing it being destroyed by those who call themselves our leaders who are acting more as each day passes as if they were rulers instead.  Which leads many of us to find ourselves in this never-ending battle with frustration which turns into Insomnia.

This is some of the typical insanity that we see these days in the era of Hope & Change and Too Big To Fail nonsense. With our elected leaders acting more like tyrants than anything else, there are those that are in very high positions of power and influence within government, media, academia,financial institutions,entertainment, as well as in other countries, that are doing extremely well by the legislation that gets passed by our elected leaders.  The more confusion and chaos that our country finds it self in, the better they do and the more control they take away from us.

Race is being used as the prime source of creating division among us. This seems very obvious to anyone who’s paying attention. What passes off as main stream media is just another of the many tools at their disposal. Everything which our government is supposedly doing for our country seems more than an out right attack at destroying our country from within. This isn’t my opinion alone, go to any social network site at any time of the day or night, and see grown adults, not kids enjoying their summer vacations but adults from all walks of life networking and venting their frustrations as to the direction they see our country going and what they think they can do to fix it.

There is lots of frustration and anger, for the most part at our so-called leaders selling out our country in their quest for a unified one world government. With their typical attacks on family values, taking GOD out of the picture, their many attacks and attempts at censoring Christianity and putting us in our place. While bending backwards for Muslims and calling Islam a peaceful religion, while Christianity is on the constant attack. This is  happening daily across our country. Which is now more evident than ever before. The things which we are witnessing can no longer be called “conspiracy theories” everything is being done in the wide open. They no longer seem to care what “we the people” think nor do,  they believe we have no power or will to do anything to try to change it. They are walking all over our constitution as was evident during Health Care Reform and the law suit filed against Arizona, just to name a few.

You can also add to my list of Insomnia Causes, the following:

America’s Ruling Class — And the Perils of Revolution

Is MSM Admitting Collaboration With Obama?

Obama adviser: U.S. “ideal place for renewal of Islam”

David Limbaugh: Obama’s the “most” racial president

David Limbaugh: Half-measures won’t work against Obama’s agenda

Feds Ignore Due Process, 1st Amendment, Shut Down 1000′s of Blogs

Dispenses information contradicted by medical journals

3 Republican congressmen reveal Barack secretly spent $23 million

Now Democrats in Congress pushing bill to restore rights to convicts

Graham only GOP member to support pro-abortion, pro-homosexual nominee

Obama Must be Impeached: He’s Either Incompetent, or Purposely Failing

Red Press:  Make Fox News Shut Up!

Obama is Stripping National Defense

Amnesty bill to be blurred with Gay marriage and ‘freedom rights’

Scott Brown: Is He Stupid or Corrupt?.

Why Would Anyone Start a Business in America Today?

How Federal Judges Violate Our Constitution

Obama & the Eighty-One Percent True Believers

And if this isn’t enough we have to contend with a racist Attorney General, who really doesn’t seem to be to concern with what the Black Panthers, Union thugs, or with foreign terrorist. Holder’s and Homeland Security Napolitano,  and our current resident at the white house Obama, are more interested at what a white American of the Christian faith may or may not do in the  near future.

Illegal Immigrants no problem, it’s the white man fault that you are being discriminated against and racially profiled. Even though your very act of entering our country illegally is,  ILLEGAL!  No problem in today’s  Radical Transformation of  America. You the illegal immigrant, foreign terrorist, Black Panther, A.C.O.R.N. and union thugs play a very vital and important role. It’s those evil hate mongers that are white and take part in those nasty hate fill events called Tea Parties, who are the problem. Not you the good illegal immigrant, or foreign terrorist, or racist Black Panthers who want to kill “white cracker babies” or A.C.O.R.N. and union thugs,  you’re all victims of the evil racist hatemonger white man who has kept you down!

Now if the nonsense above isn’t enough to keep anyone with common sense awake at night, what is? Why do we not hold those who play the race card to advance their agenda to the same standards that they claim to be fighting against? What is wrong with you people who refuse to see the truth, you’re playing right into the hands of those who will one day crush you when you are no longer of use to them.  Wake Up ! To be continued….

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