Way To Go Obama!!!!!!

Castro resurrects from 4 years of silence as Obama breathes new life to Castro’s 51 years of Socialist/Marxist/Communist Revolution. “El Comandante” has a renewed Spirit of evil within and sees the new puppet commander and chief Obama as his last hope before his departure to join Che in his final destination which will be his eternal home called HELL!

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Obama in less than two years has managed to do what Castro has attempted to do for the past 5 decades with his many infiltrators in the U.S. Obama has proved more useful to Castro than even the likes of Sean Penn, Danny Glover, Michael Moore and the entire Black Democratic Congressional Caucus combined. Way to go Obama!

The insanity from within our own government leads one to think they are either just crazy or crooked. I tend to believe that we are being worked from both the left and the right to get us to the same destination. A One World Government. They will use what ever politic is available to them for the moment and any of the many willing participants on both sides of the aisle that can’t wait to be chosen to have an opportunity to sit at the table of the élite.

Here we have Obama the great pretender passing himself of as the man of the working class. Now what the heck does that mean? Yet see who benefits from the health care reform and the new financial regulation on Wall Street or their many plots. Lindsey Graham just made it possible for us to have our second lesbian appointed to the Supreme Court and if that isn’t bad in itself she’s also a Socialist/Marxist/ Communist. Great job Lindsey when is your coming out party?

So Hannity on Friday was pushing Newt as the next possible presidential hopeful for the Republicans in 2012.  I also read an article on Human Events touting the same line, now I ask why? I just hope that we come to our senses and realize that we have and are being played every single day. How come they don’t mention Ron Paul or Michele Bachmann? Could it be possible that they like it just the way that it is?

Why is it that regular everyday Americans see the good job that Paul and Bachmann are attempting to do for America yet those that should know better don’t see it? Folks I hope you guys realize that the game is fixed and the winner has already been chosen and we have and will continue to be played. Unless we get rid of all the brand name politicians and start paying attention to the unknown who are attempting to restore America.  We have to stop listening to those that scream the loudest selling us yesterday old news “Newt” making claims that they are our only chance for restoring America.

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  2. Wouldn’t part of free enterprise consist of ammo sales?

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