Michael Savage Trickle Up Poverty

NUGENT BOOK REVIEW: A savage display of conservative intellectual firepower

By The Washington Times

Reviewed by Ted Nugent

If Dirty Harry wrote books instead of blowing away bad guys, he would have written “Trickle Up Poverty.” Thankfully, Michael Savage wrote it instead. Instead of wielding a .44 magnum Smith & Wesson and cleaning up the streets of San Francisco like Dirty Harry, Mr. Savage banged away on the keyboard with magnum force and wrote a conservative magnum manifesto in “Trickle Up Poverty.”

While relaxing in my deer blind waiting to put an arrow through the pump station of an ultra-alert Texas whitetail deer, I read Mr. Savage’s new book. Instead of my predator eyes scanning the Texas brush for the slightest hint of movement, I found myself focused instead on Mr. Savage’s dead-eye truth and common-sense words. This may have been the very first time in my hunting life that my predator attention was focused completely on something other than grocery shopping for a whitetail deer…Read more Washington Times


3 Responses

  1. hi there..I’ve read his other books..he rocks!:)

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