Songs From A Better Day

Where the stars and stripe and eagle fly lyrics by Aaron Tippin

A beautiful song and most importantly brought to my attention by a very special and Wonderful Women, thank you!

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Dora: Multi-Culturalism Cartoon What Ever Happened To The Good Old Days?

Okay so I’m flipping through the channels and I land on Nickelodeon, or as they call it Nick Jr. and there is this cartoon on called Dora. To my surprise after seeing this for about 30 seconds Michael Savage comes to mind. Wow what a way to brain wash today’s children under the guise of a cartoon.  The main character is a little brown girl, yes that is right brown. Who speaks English with an accent and teaches the other children how to say different words in Spanish. Talk about stereotyping this is it. Mind you the child had to be brown and have an accent. Typical Progressive doing what they do best brain washing a new generation of children.

As I was watching Dora do her thing, I also noticed another character wearing a hat that has the Colombian flag colors on it. Then during a commercial break guess whose on? Shakira, for those of you that may not have  heard of her she is this cute young woman from Colombia who sings and shakes her behind well.  Which has made her very popular among those into the hiphop culture.

When you see what gets passed off these days as cartoons and entertainment for kids,  you can begin to understand why the country is the way it’s today. Which also brings to mind the Frito Bandito, can you imagine what they would have said?  The “Politically Correct” nonsense of today would go crazy and call it racist!  Yet they have no problem at all with this kind of nonsense which they call multiculturalism or as I call it the destruction of America.  When I was a kid we  just had lunch boxes with cartoon figures and that was after the cartoon had been on the air and was popular.  These day they make a product to sell you first then they follow it with what they try to pass of as a cartoon. In which the child who is viewing all they see are the different products which they can’t determine where the cartoon begins or where the commercial finishes. One thing you can count on is that the child will want you to buy them the product.

What ever happen to Heckle & Jeckle, Mighty Mouse, or for even that matter Underdog? Or Batman & Robin, Superman or Superboy with his Super Dog? Spiderman, Fantastic Four, or one of my favorites the adventures of Johnny Quest or The Jetson’s? What about the Flintstones, Munster’s,  and  Gilligan’s Island? Never quite understood Road Runner and I really felt bad for the Coyote. Speedy Gonzalez was another one that my friends and I would always ask the hypothetical question of who was faster or would win in a race between him and the Road Runner? I do recall the cartoon episode in which they did race against each other but I do not remember the outcome of the race!

Casper was always another favorite, and even though he was a  ghost we all liked him because he was so friendly. I always felt bad for him. How about Yogi Bear, “smarter than the average bear.” Tennessee Tuxedo, or Rocket Robinhood?  What about Wonder Woman?  I actually had a girlfriend that could have been her double no kidding. Remember the Lone Ranger cartoon? Or the old black and white series?  Tanto was cool and for some reason I’m also remembering a t.v show by the name of The Ghost and Mrs Muir. I really recall enjoying the setting of that show.

Bugs Bunny was always a favorite until someone brought it up to me how he was really a fagot when I was in my late twenties.  Then I started thinking about it and yeah they were right. He did like to dress in women clothes and kiss other males. Remember Elmer Fudd, Tweety Bird and the Wacky Races, how about Shazzam? Quick Draw McGraw, Snagalpus, The adventures of Gulliver.

Or another favorites Speed Racer! Speed was cool but Racer X  was my favorite, he was the cool older brother that would take care of his younger brother Speed and allow him to win the races while he was also protecting him. This was a Japanese cartoon made very much the same way as they normally do their movies with the traditional betrayal respect and honor thing with lots of action.

How about Flipper or The Green Hornet which was really all about “Kato” Bruce Lee! Lets not forget the Brady Bunch or the Partridge family, or “Lucy I’m home” I love Lucy. Okay these weren’t cartoon but they were entertaining and a whole lot better than all the garbage that they now have trying to pass as entertainment for children as well as adults while really having a political agenda.  I know I left out a bunch of other cool cartoons but this was just off the top of my head as I went on a short vacation in my mind and traveled to a better time when I was just a kid and never would have imagined the things we are now seeing happening  in America under Obama.

How about all the great Westerns and War movies?  We had Gun Smoke, Raw Hide, The Virginians, Bonanza, Big Valley, Riffle Man. High Chaparral. Back then in those days we were always the good guys and not like the crap they make now by revisionist telling us otherwise. James Garner was always a favorite actor of mine. Not only in his role as Maverick but also as James Rockford.

I grew up watching all these old  great black and white B movies who are a million times better than all the stuff being put out these days by Hollywood. Remember Tarzan, The Bowery Boys, Abbot and Costello the Three Stooges and the Dick Van Dyke show. Hogan’s Heroes, Sanford and Son, George Jefferson, Archie Bunker, Good Times.  So many good programs back then. Remember the Fonz? Or Welcome Back Kotter?  Now everything we see on television has to be about broken families, someone always has to be a homosexual and basically it’s all garbage. Perfect example of this is the new program with “Al Bundy” Ed O’Neill  don’t remember the name of the show other than he  is married to another hot Colombian babe, Sophia Vergara and like always they have to throw in a couple of homosexuals to make it all work out, why?

Did anyone notice that last year American Idol had its lowest rating since the show began? You want to know why? If you recall the previous season they were trying to push the flamboyant kid Adam Lambert who really didn’t sing bad, but when he attempted to do his rock thing it  just came out sounding loud and really bad. The judges kept on trying to sell him to America, but America was paying attention and realized that they had been duped by Obama and said NO. They rightly voted for the better singer in Chris Allen.  So what did American Idol do? They brought in lesbian Ellen DeGeneres to be one of the judges this season. She nice and funny but this is a family oriented show who til last year was one of the few television programs that the entire family could sit down and watch together. America I do believe wants to change the clock and move back to those better days of the past, not all this politically correct nonsense that keeps on telling us that we have to be tolerant to everything even if that everything is destroying the traditional family unit and moving us away further from GOD. America is repeatedly saying No.

Remember back in the day when we were kids and how in the summer you would just wake up get dress and go out side-walk to a friend’s house and everyone from the neighborhood would just get together and interact with each other and actually take part in activities such as playing sports, running, falling, skating, riding  bike, or  just climbing a tree.  If you were thirsty you would just open the garden hose and drink away and if a friend had a soda every one of us would take a sip from the same can. Today’s kids have it way too easy and all they know how to do is complain, text, talk on their cell phones or chat on-line. They are way too spoiled and really have to be taught how to just be kids, and that the family is not supposed to be what they are being brain washed to believe by the Social Engineers of today’s America.

The Expendables?

After an awesome weekend success of the Restoring Honor Rally and knowing that Americans are waking up in masses and seeing them all be able to come together for such a huge event in which everyone showed respect not only to one another but most importantly to GOD. I was able to relax on Sunday and actually catch a few movies.

I have been wanting to watch The Expendables, I have always been a big fan of Sylvester Stallone as well as Bruce Willis  and Arnold Schwarzenegger movies but not his liberal politics. I do have to say I was disappointed. With the exception of the dialogue in the church with the three there wasn’t much of anything else.

The other cast members were Jason Statham who pretty much steals the movie for himself and his love interest a beautiful young woman by the name of Charisma Carpenter who just wasn’t able to wait for Jason Statham to come back home and finds a new love interest who ends up beating her only to then show the awesome martial arts skills of Jason Statham who takes the guy apart plus all his buddies on the basketball court.

Jet Li entertains us with his martial arts skills in a smaller role but funny enough he comes across as a comedian and now for the first time I also  realize  that he is way shorter than what I originally thought before. Stallone is about 5’9” or 5’10” depending on the heels of his boots on any given day and yet he seemed a good foot taller than Jet Li.  In a Jet Li fight scene with Dolph Lundgren he looks like a dwarf.

Dolph Lundgren remember him in his role as the Soviet giant that Rocky defeated in one of the Rocky movies, he plays the role of a guy that has one too many battle scars and finds himself dependent on some type of foreign substance to be able to cope. He turns bad then good again by the time the movie ends.

Mickey Rourke is also in the movie, he’s the tattoo artist which was at one time was one of them. As I look at Stallone and Rourke I ask myself, “why the hell do these guys do this to themselves?” Both of them are physically fit yet instead of just growing old gracefully like Bruce Willis they seem to have gotten under the knife and had one too many shots of Botox and now their faces look like that of old women. Arnold looks like if  he smokes another one of those Cuban cigars it may well just be his last. What happened to Mr. Universe? He looks like he’s really in bad health and as we already know  his mind doesn’t work very well since he hooked up with the Kennedy Clan,  he doesn’t look well at all.

Then there are the other cast members like Terry Crews and  MMA and former U.F.C champion Randy Couture who also play the roles of good guys. If any of you watched the U.F.C fight this past weekend he beat the day lights out of former boxing over the hill champion James Toney in the first round. Congratulations Randy! Wrestling star Steve Austin played a bad guy as well as Eric Roberts.

So the question I ask where was Chuck Norris, Steven Segal, and Jean-Cluade Van Damme?  This movie although I hear is a big money-maker I found quite disappointing. Didn’t live up to the expectations that it was build up too. All off Stallone’s other movies have been a million times better and the same could be said about the movies that all the other cast members have been in. This was no Rambo/First Blood or Terminator, Transporter, The One, or  the mega hit Die Hard. I was very disappointed, although the movie did provide action it was very weak and if it wouldn’t have been for Jason Statham and the beautiful Charisma Carpenter who was a pleasure to look at, this was one awful movie in my opinion!

Have You Ever Met Someone Who Makes An Awesome Impression On You And Then You Just Blow It?

Well that’s what happened to me today August 9, 2010 at approximately 6:35 P.M. Eastern Time. There is this special Lady who will always be known to me as Wonder Women who I had the pleasure of sharing with and who really made an awesome impression on me. If you know anything about me, you would know that I’m not the type that gets impressed very easily.

She’s a classy Lady and very intelligent and believe me it’s my loss. I messed up big time. I like to write and put my 2 cents in and what I wrote was misunderstood and I wish I could go back and not have thought myself to be clever and witty which was what I was aiming for, but was just seen as WEIRD instead !!!

Can’t blame this one on Obama, although technically in  a way, if  I didn’t have all this free time these days I wouldn’t have been on Face Book off all places and written the many words which I’m now regretting. Although if I wouldn’t have had all this free time on my hand, I would have never met the mystery Lady who will always be known to me as my “WONDER WOMEN”! So I messed up! Do I wish I could take the day back? You Betcha!

Again Wonder Women I apologize it wasn’t my intention to offend you or my thoughts to be seen as WEIRD.  Take care  I’m  going to miss you !

MSNBC Newsvine “Czar” Tyler, Did It Again

I got censored again, by MSNBC Newsvine. Why? Because I challenge their foolish Socialist views. On Monday the 17th of  May I write an article and the community complains and they remove it. The article:   Wake Up Socialism Isn’t What You Been Taught To Believe They remove my article so I helped them out and remove the rest of the articles that I had posted and decide to leave.

That is their strategy to make life impossible for those who have  a Conservatives world view on Newsvine.  If they could continually get you suspended or have your article removed they become more empowered. These people are the fringe radical left that are in love with Obama and worship the ground he walks on. All they do on a daily basis is write articles telling us how wonderful and great Obama is, and how evil the Conservatives are.

Their number one choice to show hatred toward is  Bush, they still are blaming him for the economy as well as the oil spill in the gulf.  Followed in close second is  Palin, Tea Party, Glenn Beck, and of course Rush, Michael Savage, Hannity, Michelle Bachmann and now Rand Paul.

Well they haven’t heard the last of me, so they’re probably patting themselves on the back thinking they won , but little do they know that I have  been  a member of their community for over a year, using another screen name way before I joined  in January of this year.  See I knew this was going to happen, I just didn’t think it would have taken me as long as it did to get noticed by them.  Now knowing who the players are and the way they think, I will be better prepared to challenge them on my terms which were laid out way in advance before they had ever heard of “toosmalltosucceed”.

On Tuesday, I found out that Tyler had suspended me for a day and that my article had been removed by the community.  I had been on earlier on Monday,  posted my article, had a couple of exchanges and called it a day. There are only two programs I watch and they’re on Monday, they’re “House & 24.” I don’t like to miss “24,” don’t you  just love “Jack Bauer ?”  He truly is a great American Hero!  GOD BLESS all the unknown “Jack Bauer’s” of this world who give their lives to America everyday and go unnoticed not expecting anything back in return. While here at home we have our “Elite Rulers” in Washington patting themselves on the back naming streets, buildings, libraries, schools, and taking credit for thing that they don’t deserve. What a bunch of Hypocrites!

The reason that Tyler removed my article was because of what he calls “trolling” what ever that is. He also said I was attacking and making it personal by calling them or someone “a little Socialist” in the making. Now that’s really funny since they are “Little Socialist” and that is the position that they take and defend! So I guess when Conservatives get called ignorant, religious fanatics, racist, hate mongers, Nazis with a few expletives thrown in between that’s okay and allowed?  Such  Hypocrites!

Tyler is a young kid who I call the “Censor Czar” and who those on the Left always threaten us on the Right with.  When we hit them hard with  truth that they can’t defend, they gang up on you and then report you to Tyler the “Censor Czar”.

Even with their many empty words and their  “Left Wing Radical Propaganda” that they get online from Socialist that hate America, if they can’t win their argument they will report you.  If you hold true to your convictions and press forward and don’t give in to their attacks it makes you more of a target to go after and to get you suspended. In my case this is the third time since March I have had an article removed and the second time I have been suspended for a day.

This time they did show some respect by sending me an e-mail telling me that I had been suspended for a day.  The previous time they just removed my article without letting me know. When I deliberately wrote an article calling out Tyler I got suspended. They allowed that article to stay up, because they had their ” pack of wolves ” come out defending Tyler and Newsvine which was a move that I had expected in advance for them to do.  This was the article that got removed: My Article Got pulled By MSNBC Vine, Why? Because It Isn’t Politically Correct To Their World View it was about how Fox News had beaten MSNBC by big margins the night before as reported on the Drudge Report, that drove them wild!

I did write the Newsvine team as well as the founder 4 different times which they never responded too. So it’s a big lie when the “little socialist” tell us that if you write them they will reply or give you an explanation and tell you what you can do to get your article restored. They didn’t reply to me in my case. You know with Google analytic you’re able to see who goes to your NV column, how many visits and for how long they stay there. The founder did go and did stay for over an hour viewing the articles that  I had written, but he never answered me personally, although he did make a comment on the article that I wrote calling out Tyler. He was very decent and respectful, and explained what I could do, but he never answered any of my 4 messages that I sent him through Newsvine. All that I could suspect is that the same people who take it upon themselves to remove articles not to their political leaning never gave him the message, since all written messages  go through them anytime anyone in the community wants to send someone else a message.

The reason I joined MSNBC Newsvine is because that is where the radical left hangs out.  I figure if  MSNBC will continue to lie about what the President is doing as well as all other news which they make up or choose not to report. I will then go to where those who hang on Obama’s every words hangout. I just do it to plant the “seed of doubt” in their foolish and naïve minds.  Plus it’s fun pushing their buttons, they’re extremely insecure even though that they are in the majority, they can’t handle it when being attacked with facts so they have to resort to their typical use of profanity followed by censoring. Very typical of “Socialist”

No they don’t scare me, I just choose my battles on my terms. I have never given up on anything in life.  Like I said before, I have another screen name and have been a member of  MSNBC Newsvine for over a year, I just have been less vocal with my other screen name. I will now challenge them once again. I will just do things on my terms.

Never been much of a follower of any one group or person. Although if and when I find someone who has Conservatives values like mine I do try to support them as much as I possibly can. I only follow the LORD, even though I fail more often than I would care to admit. I don’t trust men especially politicians, that’s why I don’t buy into party politics. I’m Conservative and vote Conservative. I just don’t place much hope and trust on politicians.

I do like Ron Paul and I like what I see in his son Rand. I Like Huckabee and would have like to have seen the 2008 ticket  been Huckabee/Paul. But he will never get elected as President. 50% of Americans just hate GOD and anyone that believes in HIM. They view Christians as being ignorant and religious nuts, and Huckabee was also a Pastor. So it will be much harder for him to get elected.

I like Sarah Palin, she’s not my first choice for President but I would love to see her debate Obama and shred him to pieces and see how the Left tries to spin it. Bachmann of Minnesota is a smart woman, yet the left hates her also and are always trying to decipher her every word which they usually take out of context, yet what can we really expect from the LEFT ?.

I wouldn’t be surprise if Rand Paul once he gets into the Senate later this year, and gets a year of experience under his belt if he doesn’t make a run in 2012 for the Presidency. A Paul/Paul ticket looks attractive and they are both Conservatives and Christians, that could appeal to those in the N. East  as well as out West. Just my opinion, and after 2008  Obama and his “Hope & Change” nonsense, anything is possible in this “twilight zone” we find ourselves in!

Random Thoughts For the Day

A couple of questions

1.So when is abortion a good thing? I say never.

2. What is wrong with torturing those that want to hurt us, and if given a chance will not think twice about killing you or your love one’s?

3.What is wrong with guns and gun ownership for responsible adults?

4. War is bad, I don’t think anyone really wants it other than those that profit from it. With that said, if we must go to war, lets end it as quick as possible. By all means available to us. If that means dropping a big one on the enemy, I’m all for it. It worked out well in WW2, no one can deny that the Japanese has since then have greatly contributed to the entire world in a very positive way, and no one can deny that they are a good friend of the U.S. and the American people.

War is a terrible thing and we must do everything to prevent it, but we have now been engaged in two wars for a longer time that we were involved in WW2. If our enemies wanted to destroy our way of life and our economy, we must agree that they have been successful at doing that. The Multi-Nationals Global Corporations are still standing but we the American citizen are for the most part just getting by. And what about the great sacrifice by our soldiers, their families. They are the only ones that are protecting us and trying to preserve our freedoms and they are the ones that have lost the most. Even when they get back. Are we there for them as a nation, are we giving them all our support and resources available? War is bad, but if we are going to be at war let’s do everything that we can to end it as soon as possible.

Same typical nonsense that is always available from both sides of the aisle. I love it how top Democrat and top Republican on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee are sponsoring the immigration bill to increase visas for entrepreneurs. How in GODS creation is that going to help American entrepreneurs or small businesses? This just shows how incompetent our law makers are. They just don’t seem to get it. Just like some of them think that a person that has worked all their lives and finds themselves out of a job, are just taking advantage of the system.

In what alternate universe do these people live in? How can a person that has been unemployed for a year or so, that continually seeks employment to no avail, live on Lets say $1,200.00 a month? Or someone who has been in business all their lives? None of us are “too big to fail” but what ever is still left in our wallets these days, they will surely find a way to spend for us with their stupid taxes and nonsense that doesn’t add up to anything more than a government gone wild!

Do they actually think that this is what Americans that have worked all their adult lives want? We play by the rules which by the way none of our elected officials seem to obey, just to mention one, Charlie Rangel comes to mind from a long list of career politicians that are just in it for themselves and not for the good of the nation, These people should come back to our reality and see through our eyes and walk in our shoes before they pretend to care.

America wake up, they don’t have a clue as to what real Americans are going through. Since none of them have to actually try to make a living. They are way out of touch with reality, on both sides! But what the heck, lets continue to fight among ourselves and defend our name brand politicians. That is their only plan, they know that they can count on us to defend their actions or in actions and turn it into a democrat republican thing, they do it all the time! And we just follow their lead!

Just finished reading an article in the Washington Times by Demint called White house land grab. After reading it, I ask myself, ” Progressives you still think there isn’t a pattern here? Think again, public companies, banks, media, guns, land, equals what? Yes I know, this is just for the good of the environment. Think again, open your eyes the answers are right in front of you, wake up before it’s to late”!

Someone just said that they like Sarah Palin, but they really wouldn’t want her to run in 2012. Well my response to that is as follows: She is not my ideal candidate, but with that said, I rather get screwed by her than by our last three presidents and or our current one. Or any of the front-runners that have nothing other than their name brand and nothing else to go along. Plus it would be kind of fun to see her debating Obama. I do believe that if she did, she would most likely eat him up alive! Seriously. Not because she is any smarter, but for the fact that Obama can’t debate, he is a lousy debate. Take away the teleprompters and what do you really have? Besides the ums? Nothing! Ron Paul would be my choice, but he doesn’t have a chance within the republican party. So that would leave Mike Huckabee who is a good debater, has excellent communication skills and could reach across party lines. He seems to me, like the best choice for the republicans with Ron Paul at the V.P. spot. He would keep Huckabee on his toes with our monetary policies.