These Puppets Have Got to Go!

Republican Senator: Jesus’s ‘Golden Rule’ Inspired His Vote For Pro-Abortion Kagan

Yes Lindsey Graham is another sell out. This man has lost any credibility he may have ever had. I just hope that Christians will have learned their lesson and from this moment on listen unto the LORD, who said “depart from me I never knew you”. Instead to these wolves pretending to be Christians.

Christian have traditionally been taken by con men from the right claiming to be one of them. Folks I sincerely hope you will now dig a little deeper and only be a sheep’s or follower of the LORD, not onto RINO’S who come after your $’s and vote and then pull these stunts that deal GOD, our country and families deadly blows!  Look at who they are trying to push on us now, Newt for president, why? He yesterdays old news and at one time did do good for our country, but these days he is preaching the progressive line at us. Just using the right at his platform. We don’t need anymore of these type in Washington representing America.

These days they are hitting us from both the left and the right. For us not to acknowledge what those who claim to be on our side are doing only empowers them even more. I’m sick and tired of all the charades and games that are played while our country is falling apart. Today they are using socialists politics and come 2012 once the Republicans get control if they go back and use the politics of Bush the elder and G.W. they will still have won. I’m an American First & Last and I don’t want any part of their N.W.O. enslavement and control under any given name. Enslavement will always be just that! GOD save us all!



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