Floridians You Made One Big Mistake Last Night

Once again the masses prove that with their vote they can be just as dangerous as a person who has no training using  a weapon. Last night proved how my fellow Floridians could be duped into voting for the slick hustler Rick Scott. They chose to back a rich man who was willing to pay an estimated 50 million dollars to win the GOP U.S. Senate primary.  Think about this, Rick Scott by no means isn’t a shrewd businessman, on the contrary he used his money on little sound bites on his radio and television commercials that could be heard and seen through out the state and in the end he did reach his targeted audience which made it possible for him to win.

You may ask who was that audience? Well those are all the Johnny come lately to politics along with the traditional foolish, naïve, and gullible masses that only hear the lies as oppose to doing their homework and researching the candidate.  Plus lets not forget how Alan Grayson  has many people masquerading as Tea Party goers within the state and you can surely bet they were working to see that Scott got the victory.

Rick Scott with his victory last night has made it possible for the DEMOCRAT Alex Sink to become Florida’s next new Governor come this November. You can surely bet yourself that the National Democratic Party is going to be heavily involved in Florida’s Gubernatorial race and they will use everything within their coffers to make sure that Alex Sink wins.

So once again as much as I  hate to admit it, we are living in a world that is full of idiots who can be played by anyone who has the money “Rick Scott” and is willing to spend it to buy their vote.  All this leads me to the conclusion that those of us that are Conservative better start to realize that the Republican Party of today isn’t Conservative and it makes it possible to have someone like Rick Scott to be able to win and have the likes of Sean Hannity speaks of him as a “SOLID CONSERVATIVE”  or like Newsmax endorsing John McCain the Progressive  in Arizona over the Conservative J.D. Hayworth.  All this leads me to conclude that Obama is going to be with us for a while longer  and will become a two term president and will continue to dismantle America, just the way that the powers to be want it!

Miami Herald

Bill McCollum concedes GOP governor’s race but doesn’t endorse Rick Scott

The first comment that I came across please read:
enough_already wrote on 08/25/2010 06:53:55 PM:

Rick Scott is a criminal!
He is responsible for THE BIGGEST health care/Medicare fraud in the USA!

Why would he spend $50 MILLION of his own money to get a job that pays about $140,000/year???

A businessman only dishes out that kind of money when he knows he can get double that in return (at least).

All the morons that voted for Rick Scott need to ask themselves:

why does he want the job so badly?
how much of our money does he plan to steal from us Floridians?

Come on Flori-DUH – WAKE UP!!!
Do not put this criminal in the Governor’s mansion!!!

Read more: http://www.miamiherald.com/2010/08/25/1791496/bill-mccollum-concedes-gop-governors.html#ixzz0xfBGsekW

This one comment in itself says exactly what I talking about!


Arizona’s GOP Senate Primary

I so much want to see J.D. Hayworth pull the come from behind victory over John McCain like you would not believe. McCain has fought harder against J.D.  than he did against Obama while running for President. Since McCain like Obama both have similar views and both are in favor of  Too Big To Fail Bailouts and Amnesty for Illegals  it is easy to understand why he went easy on Obama and why he has attacked Hayworth as hard as he has.

J.D. Hayworth is a true conservative and not  like McCain. From the two J.D. has the support from fellow Americans from across the nation that see John McCain for what he truly is, a Progressive! I have a friend out in Arizona working hard campaigning for J.D. like many others in Arizona that would like to send McCain into retirement. Hopefully if J.D. is able to pull off a great come from behind victory it would be sweet, not only for J.D. and Arizona’s but for all of Americans who want to send our career politicians a message. We are tired of all your political nonsense and we aren’t going to take it anymore! From my mouth to GOD’S ear!

Senator John McCain, Hypocrisy Of A Progressive

Sen. John McCain is in a battle for his Senate seat in Arizona against J.D. Hayworth. He is having to defend his action for voting in favor of the 700 Billion Troubled Asset Relief Program, otherwise known as T.A.R.P. to growing pressure from the Conservatives and Tea Party goers.

McCain has responded from the criticism that he has received and is receiving from  Conservative and Tea Party goers who view his actions as the same as that of  Obama and the Progressives from both the left and the right. He attempts to justify his vote by stating how he was misled by then Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson and Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke, who had decided during that critical time  that they needed to stabilize Wall Street, A.I.G, G.M.,and Chrysler, and eventually that it would trickle down, and everything would be fine.

Now a year and some months later , the economy is still in shambles, the American people are mad as hell, and John McCain is in a fight to keep the Senate seat he now occupies.  What McCain and other Republican Progressives don’t seem to understand is, that Conservatives don’t want politicians that go along to get along just to get re-elected. That is why he finds himself in a battle, like his good friend from Florida Governor Charlie Crist, who is trailing Marco Rubio by 18 points in the   latest  Rasmussen poll for the Republican Senate Primary.

What John McCain should do is step down, and save himself from further embarrassment and allow us to remember him for his honorable service in the military as well for enduring being a prisoner of war. In my mind I will remember him for the fiasco of stopping his campaign to go to Washington only than to vote the same way as Obama, in favor of  bailing out Wall Street.

Former Treasury Secretary Paulson in his new book,  is  also criticizing  John McCain, who on Sept. 24, 2008, temporarily suspended his  presidential campaign to go to Capitol Hill to confront the economic crisis.  He calls McCain impulsive, risky, and even dangerous. Now it’s obvious why Paulson, a crook would write a book. That’s what they seem to all do these days.

Sen. McCain last month in a last-ditch effort to show himself to be in-touch with Conservatives, voted against confirming Ben Bernanke for a second term as Federal Reserves Chairman. Bernanke was confirmed for a second term, because our politician just don’t get it! All this is,  to little and to late for McCain.  In my opinion he should spend his remaining golden years, out in sunny Arizona, attending to his wife’s and her beer business. Before he continues to pretend to be a Conservative only to the detriment of true Conservative who sees his ways as being the same as those from the left that call themselves Progressives.