Floridians You Made One Big Mistake Last Night

Once again the masses prove that with their vote they can be just as dangerous as a person who has no training using  a weapon. Last night proved how my fellow Floridians could be duped into voting for the slick hustler Rick Scott. They chose to back a rich man who was willing to pay an estimated 50 million dollars to win the GOP U.S. Senate primary.  Think about this, Rick Scott by no means isn’t a shrewd businessman, on the contrary he used his money on little sound bites on his radio and television commercials that could be heard and seen through out the state and in the end he did reach his targeted audience which made it possible for him to win.

You may ask who was that audience? Well those are all the Johnny come lately to politics along with the traditional foolish, naïve, and gullible masses that only hear the lies as oppose to doing their homework and researching the candidate.  Plus lets not forget how Alan Grayson  has many people masquerading as Tea Party goers within the state and you can surely bet they were working to see that Scott got the victory.

Rick Scott with his victory last night has made it possible for the DEMOCRAT Alex Sink to become Florida’s next new Governor come this November. You can surely bet yourself that the National Democratic Party is going to be heavily involved in Florida’s Gubernatorial race and they will use everything within their coffers to make sure that Alex Sink wins.

So once again as much as I  hate to admit it, we are living in a world that is full of idiots who can be played by anyone who has the money “Rick Scott” and is willing to spend it to buy their vote.  All this leads me to the conclusion that those of us that are Conservative better start to realize that the Republican Party of today isn’t Conservative and it makes it possible to have someone like Rick Scott to be able to win and have the likes of Sean Hannity speaks of him as a “SOLID CONSERVATIVE”  or like Newsmax endorsing John McCain the Progressive  in Arizona over the Conservative J.D. Hayworth.  All this leads me to conclude that Obama is going to be with us for a while longer  and will become a two term president and will continue to dismantle America, just the way that the powers to be want it!

Miami Herald

Bill McCollum concedes GOP governor’s race but doesn’t endorse Rick Scott

The first comment that I came across please read:
enough_already wrote on 08/25/2010 06:53:55 PM:

Rick Scott is a criminal!
He is responsible for THE BIGGEST health care/Medicare fraud in the USA!

Why would he spend $50 MILLION of his own money to get a job that pays about $140,000/year???

A businessman only dishes out that kind of money when he knows he can get double that in return (at least).

All the morons that voted for Rick Scott need to ask themselves:

why does he want the job so badly?
how much of our money does he plan to steal from us Floridians?

Come on Flori-DUH – WAKE UP!!!
Do not put this criminal in the Governor’s mansion!!!

Read more: http://www.miamiherald.com/2010/08/25/1791496/bill-mccollum-concedes-gop-governors.html#ixzz0xfBGsekW

This one comment in itself says exactly what I talking about!


Bill McCollum The Best Choice For Florida

Many funny things have happen in the last 21 years and they have all been bad for America. We have a two-party system that now resembles more of what we use to call the evil empire back in a time when we did have a great President and excellent Communicator who was an American and believed most importantly in our country and its people. President Ronald Reagan a great  humble man who knew how to get things done and never the less understood the evils of the world not as he would want them but as to the realities toward the world that we lived in.

Today we have GOP primary here in my home state of Florida.  We have Bill McCollum running for governor under the republican banner against newcomer Rick Scott.  Scott is running on the anti-incumbent banner, he has plenty of money and has been willing to spend it to get elected.  Personally I don’t know him but when I heard his first radio ad it just rubbed me the wrong way.  It was all about him being a businessman and as so,  how he knew how to get things done. Well to me the first thing that came to mind was the “too big to fail” and how they too “know” how to get things done and created the crisis that our country is in. Of course they couldn’t have done this without the willing participant in Washington from both sides of the aisle  who basically work for them.  This is what Rick Scott said, please read carefully below:

Bill McCollum’s been in politics for 30 years. You’d think he’d want to talk about his record.

Instead he’s just attacking me. That’s what career politicians do.

I’m going to do something the politicians never will, give you the unvarnished truth.

The McCollum crowd says the hospital company I started was fined by the government for Medicare fraud.

Unfortunately, that’s true.

I wasn’t ever charged or even questioned by the authorities, but that’s not what matters.

What matters is that the company made mistakes. And as CEO I take responsibility and I learned from it.

Now here’s the part McCollum leaves out:

Two-thirds of the top-rated hospitals in Florida were our hospitals.

Our hospitals earned the highest quality rating, 4 times the national average.

We had the best care at the lowest prices for our patients.

If you want a career politician, go with McCollum…

But if you want someone who learns, leads, and demands accountability … I’m Rick Scott, let’s get to work.

From the above please note,

Unfortunately, that’s true.

I wasn’t ever charged or even questioned by the authorities, but that’s not what matters.

Now I don’t know how  gullible and naïve Americans might feel about this, but I sure as hell have a humongous problem with this.  Like I said before if you heard his first ad, it was about him not being a politician, and how as a business man he has a proven track record. Well again let me remind you what came to my mind,  the “too big to fail” nonsense and how supposedly businessman took advantage, lived large and then passed the tab over to us. Passing down a huge debt on the nation and committing Generational Theft or as I call it Domestic Terrorism on our economy!

I could understand Democrats & Moderates that bought into the lie of, “Hope & Change” nonsense,  to vote for Rick Scott but not those of us who are Conservatives.

Bill McCollum, has a proven track record and is a true Conservative.  He is not a perfect man none of us are, but he is the best choice for Florida. I also could understand how newcomers to politics with anti-incumbent fervor might accept what I view as deception from a polished skill businessman who has the money to spend on senseless ads meant to detract attention from himself and attack someone who has less money then him to combat each new slick commercial that he does.  Or do the research to see what the popular opinion of day maybe and just sell his audience, but I for one will never accept or buy  what he is attempting sell.

My fellow Floridians haven’t you learned anything from the last 21 years or maybe the last two years?  How many more bad mistakes are you willing to settle for before you realize that you have been played once again?  Come to your senses and vote for Bill McCollum and honorable man who has served our country well in the past and will do so once again when he is given the opportunity to be our state’s next Governor.  Please use common sense this time around we can’t continue to make the kinds of mistake that are destroying our country any longer!

Allen West The Right Man To Do The Job

Restoring American Exceptionalism

Allen West Republican running for the GOP spot should prevail today. He will then face incumbent Democratic Rep. Ron Klein, in taking on Klein, Allen West is facing a well-funded lawmaker in a Democratic-leaning West Palm Beach district. Never the less Lieutenant Colonel Allen West is the right man for quality change in Washington. A man who will bring honor back to Washington working not just for his district or the state of Florida but for all Americans across the nation. Please check out his bio below and visit his web-site. He is worthy of our vote.

GO WEST! For U.S. Congress

Lieutenant Colonel Allen West (US Army, Retired) was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia and is third of four generations of military servicemen in his family. His parents instilled in him a very basic principle, love of God and Country. In 2004, when it was time to retire from more than twenty years of service in the US Army, he brought his wife and two young daughters to Broward County, Florida, where he taught high school for one year. He then returned to Afghanistan as an advisor to the Afghan army, an assignment he finished in November 2007.

Allen West received his Bachelors degree from University of Tennessee and Masters degree from Kansas State University, both in political science. He also holds a Master of Military Arts and Sciences from the US Army Command and General Staff Officer College in political theory and military operations.

“Education is the great equalizer,” he says. “With a good education, any child in America can live his dream.”

Allen West knows that for our children to live their dreams, they need to be safe. He has served in several combat zones: in Operation Desert Storm, in Operation Iraqi Freedom, where he was battalion commander for the Army’s 4th Infantry Division, and in Afghanistan, where he trained Afghan officers to take on the responsibility of securing their own country.

In his Army career, Col. West has been honored many times, including a Bronze Star, three Meritorious Service Medals, three Army Commendation Medals (one with Valor), and a Valorous Unit Award. He received his valor award as a Captain in Desert Shield/Storm, was the US Army ROTC Instructor of the Year in 1993, and was a Distinguished Honor Graduate III Corps Assault School. He proudly wears the Army Master parachutist badge, Air Assault badge, Navy/Marine Corps parachutist insignia, Italian parachutist wings, and German proficiency badge (Bronze award).

Allen is an avid distance runner, a PADI Master certified SCUBA diver, motorcyclist, and attends Community Christian Church in Tamarac Florida.

Excellence is a West family tradition. His wife, Angela, holds an MBA and PhD. and works as a financial planner. His oldest daughter, Aubrey, attends Archbishop McCarthy HS and his youngest daughter, Austen, attends Cooper City Christian Academy.

Harry You Should Really Come Out And Visit The Sunshine State

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Marco Rubio Responds To Harry Reid’s “Outrageou…, posted with vodpod

Harry you really have to come down here to my home state, take up some of the sites and while you are at it enjoy our warm waters and sandy beaches and meet some of those people who you just mentioned.  Boy are you going to be surprised! Harry you are so out of touch with reality that every time you open up your mouth you just seem to show the nation that it really doesn’t take much these days other than deep pockets or being willing to be bought off by special interest to get into politics and continue to be re-elected without ever doing anything for the good of the country.

Maybe we can now teach our children in elementary school that under our new current system being bright, honest, and  hard-working will not get you anywhere, but on the other hand being crooked, dishonest, lazy, and  mentally perverted will do wonders for your professional careers. I say  starting in kindergarten to go along with sex education would be just about right!  It seems to be working out great these days for all of you in all three branches of government wouldn’t you say Harry?

Obama Has No Interest In Stopping The Oil Leak!

Why is it that the true racist among us the “Politically Correct” crowd of fools found on the left who decided that it was a black mans turn to be President, voted for the least qualified that they could get and promote with in their brand of Socialism? Why not promote and choose a qualified person regardless of skin color? They the Democrats are full of hatred, envy, and now Idolatry can be added to their list. The idolatry and worship of government and all their demigods that they place their hope for the future as well to the fraud called “Global Warming & Climate Change”

I have in the past voted for President for a man whose skin color happens to be black, not because of guilt or believed that it was the “Politically Correct” thing to do, but because I believed he was the most qualified to be President at the time. This man was and has always been a Conservative, he is intelligent, is quick on his feet, a great debater, extremely articulate, and poses a whole lots of common sense, his name is Alan Keyes, and this was before I or anyone else had ever heard of the name of the fraud that now occupies the White House, Obama.

Obama has NO need to stop the “Oil Spill,” the longer the leak goes on, the more harm it does to the environment the easier it will be for him and his Masters to control the masses of idiots who worship Obama and the environment.  It wouldn’t surprise me if this like 9/11 wasn’t just another inside job to advance their N.W.O. agenda.  I’m sick and tired of all this crap from both the Democrats and the Republicans.  Cap & Trade, more control this is what they hope to gain.

Notice how those that are fighting for America and the American people are always eaten up by their own, the Republicans have bowed down to Obama the same way Obama bows down to foreign leaders when traveling abroad.

If the Republicans are serious and not just looking for their little sound bites on Fox News to pretend to those gullible on the right that they are working for them, they must go on the offensive 24/7 and not let up or be intimidated by the left-wing propaganda Socialist Elite media.  Who cares if they attack you?  What that would prove to me, is that you are working for us the people of the United States of America, and not for this N.W.O, who seems to have most of if not all of our leaders in their pockets and pulling their strings.

If they really care for America and the American way of life, they will fight hard without having to wait for what the latest poll tells them. I agreed with what Rep. Barton said, as well as Michele Bachmann. Kyle and Session are on the right track and Ron Paul is always introducing legislation and working on our behave.  We just need more Republicans to do the same everyday until we no longer have Obama in the White House and rid ourselves of this N.W.O mentality that our current crop of leaders seem to believe and follow from both the left and the right.

Who the hell really cares what the left-wing media has to say, I sure don’t, so than why should those who we give our vote to, be more concerned with what they think? They should be concerned with what we think, because we are keeping record of what they say, do or don’t do, and those from my state that are up for re-election sure aren’t going to get our vote.  I’m in Florida by the way. The state of The Balart brothers, Illeana Ros Lehtinen, Charlie “The Hypocrite” Crist, who as individuals and as a group have never done anything that has been good for our state or America.

Now our great state has to choose from Bill McCollum or Rick Scott for governor of our state.  One a career politician the other a Multi-Millionaire who as a businessman, the company in which he was the C.E.O. was charged with Medicare Fraud, but like he tells us in his commercial that really doesn’t matter.  What the hell right, it isn’t like he is running to be president?

Than there is Charlie “The Hypocrite” Crist, this man is dangerous and cut from the same tree of that of  Obama, Clinton, and Bush, of this world. Yet according to the latest polls he’s ahead for the U.S. Senate race from the three running, leading Marco Rubio, the cause of all his latest Hypocrisy’s.

I don’t believe in polls, but I do believe that many among us do suffer from short-term memory and are naïve and gullible to vote for whom the Masters promote from within the system.  So we will have to wait and see when the only poll that really matters comes this November.  Either we would have learned our lesson from this “Hope & Change” nonsense nightmare that we are living or we haven’t.  We will just have to wait and see.

Tell Me It Isn’t So!

US Senate candidate Marco Rubio, state Rep.David Rivera named in Tallahassee home foreclosure

Associated Press
06/18/10 2:35 PM EDT

Read more at the Washington Examiner:

TALLAHASSEE, FLA. — Republican U.S. Senate candidate Marco Rubio and another Miami politician are facing foreclosure on a Tallahassee home they co-own for failing to make mortgage payment since January, Leon County court records show.

Marco, is still my choice for the U.S. Senate, if this is the only dirt that they have on him, he is in good company like many other Americans that have either, lost their homes or find themselves in foreclosure. This is just some good old fashion Florida fishing expedition that at the end of the day wont change anyone’s mind.  Charlie “The Hypocrite” Crist is a desperate man, there is still plenty of time left for skeletons to start coming out of his closet, before election day!

Have you noticed when those that are unknown make a run and challenge the establishment the  ” good old boys” network, how the media will do just about anything to report even the least significant issue that they can on the newcomer or challenge?.  My only question is, why didn’t they research President Obama?  Why was he given a pass?  Why?  Could it be that he is part of the establishment of the  “good old boys” network?  You betcha!

Charlie Crist The Hypocrite, How Can Any Floridian Of Character Vote For This Man?

Just another career politician that will not only say anything to get elected, he is also proving that he will do what ever it takes to get what “Charlie Wants” it’s all about his quest for power and control. This guy has proven that he will do what ever it takes.

So far this year since trailing Marco Rubio, he switched parties, something he said he would never do. Then  he signed  legislation that he was all opposed to, just  to get the support of the teachers union. Now he removes the pro-life section of his  campaign website, just in time before the Fl. legislature sends him the bill that would allow women to see the ultra sound of their un-born baby prior to an abortion. This guy is desperate and can’t be trusted, you can read more at LifeNews.com

I’m wondering now, will  President Obama & the Democrats talk Kendrick Meek into stepping down since he has no chance of winning? Will they do as they have been accused of lately of promising to give him something in return, or will Kendrick Meek prove to be the man of character that he has shown himself to be till now, and continue in the race? We will  soon find out  shortly.

In the latest Rasmussen Reports for the Florida Senate: Crist & Rubio both had 37%,  while Meek trailed far behind at 15%.  I don’t see Charlie Crist being able to win, and the only poll that really matters, is on election day. Through this year Charlie has proven to me, what I had always suspected, that the man lacks character and can’t be trusted. My question is to my fellow Floridians, how much more lies are we going to put up with? I hope that we have gotten a little wiser since the last election and vote the no good for nothing LIARS out of office.