The American Tea Party Movement Of 2010

What I like most about my fellow Americans that are exercising their constitutional right to organize and protest, is that they all have one thing in common. They love America and they are tired of the same old worn out party politics of both Republicans and Democrats. They are tired of seeing America being sold out, by our corrupt career politicians from the right and the left. That are doing the will of the Global Multi-National American corporation in name only that do the will of the New World Order at even the price of destroying America from within.

The Republicans better come to the realization that this isn’t about them. The Democrats should also understand that although they took control of Congress, the Senate, and the White House, this wasn’t that we as a nation thought that capitalism was dead! No, it was us sending George Bush and the Republican party a message. That the nonsense has to stop!

As our Hope and Change Citizen of the World President Obama must realize, that “we the people” don’t agree with the direction he is taking our country in. We are a free people! We don’t want to be enslaved into being world citizens of the New World Order. If the Democrats don’t change the way they are taking our country they are going to find themselves out of a job come this November, and get the same outcome as did the Republicans in 2006-08.

To my fellow Americans on the left, when are you going to realize that the Democrats play you the same way the right plays the Christians! Both parties are responsible for what we as Americans are experiencing. They have sold us out. By exporting our manufacturing jobs overseas. Remember it was a Democrat, Bill Clinton who signed NAFTA and most favored nation with China.

Both the Republicans and Democrats talk a good game, but for the most part they sale us out to the, “too big to fail” American in name only corporation who are part of the New World Order. The treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner is a crook as well as Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke, Paulson, and the likes. These individual don’t care about our country’s well-being! For crying out loud they are the one that create the bubbles that make them money when things are good and even more when the country goes into a recession.

We have to instead of making it into a right and left issue, we have realize that they are playing us. We must wake up as a nation and not allow this to continue. We must stop playing party politics that destroys America which is what they want to do. Nothing that is happening is by chance, this is a well-played chess match by the New World Order to destroy us as a nation. they are winning now, but if the nations wakes up and I do believe they are, we still can stop them while we still have our constitutional right to vote.

So for all of  you who criticize the tea party movement, guess what? You are playing exactly into their hands. Lets stop being foolish and start paying attention not to what they say but to what they actually do. Once you start paying attention you will come into the light out of the darkness, and see what many American are now  realizing, that they are being played!  Left against right! Wake Up America before it’s to late!


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