Boxing News Report

Cintron falls out of ring, Williams wins decision

The Associated Press
Sunday, May 9, 2010; 12:14 AM


The 154-pound bout ended with Cintron strapped to a stretcher and wearing a neck brace, although he wanted to keep fighting.

CARSON, Calif. — Paul Williams earned a bizarre victory Saturday night when Kermit Cintron wasn’t allowed to continue after tumbling through the ropes and landing on a ringside table early in the fourth round.

This was awful and it should have been rendered a no decision. I will wait to see the re-match and I do believe that Paul Williams should win the fight, either by decision or knockout.

Margarito wins unanimous decision over Garcia

The Associated Press
Sunday, May 9, 2010; 3:15 AM

AGUASCALIENTES, Mexico — Antonio Margarito won a unanimous decision over Roberto Garcia on Saturday in his first fight in more than 15 months following a one-year suspension.

Margarito outclassed Garcia, who absorbed most of the punishment and was knocked down in the first round of the 10-round bout by a right-left-right combination.

Margarito, who weighed in at 154 pounds, improved to 38-6 with 27 KOs. Garcia fell to 28-3 with 21 KOs. Margarito, a former welterweight champion, was suspended a year after being caught with illegal hand wraps in a loss on Jan, 24, 2009, against Shane Mosley.

Margarito, 32, was a winner on all three judges’ cards: 99-89, 100-88 and 99-90.

He used his longer arms to fend off the 30-year-old Garcia, who lacked the quickness needed to overcome his opponent’s reach advantage and boxing savvy.

Margarito claimed he knew nothing about the illegal wraps and blamed his trainer Javier Capetillo, whom he fired.

Margarito is back, after his devastating knock out loss to Mosley. I was surprised in how Margarito was manhandled in their bout. He had just been found to have had illegal wrapping which  most definitely affected him with Mosley, who just walked all over him.

I gained respect for Mayweather after watching him fight against Mosley. With the exception of the second round in which he was hurt, I gave him every single round after that. The first round could have gone either way or been even.

Now Mosley was accused by Floyd  Mayweather of steroid use, the same as Pacquiao. Whether this is true or not, it worked out perfect for Floyd who surprised me in the way he actually took the fight to Mosley and made it fun to watch. Rather than his typical show boating and running which make him look clownish, foolish, and boring to watch.

Now if Floyd Mayweather really wants to prove to himself and the boxing world that he is the best pound for pound fighter in the world. He shouldn’t fight a smaller man like Manny Paquiao, but rather someone his own size like Sergio Martinez.

Now I read about how Mayweather may want to consider fighting against Martinez as oppose to Williams who those that will benefit from that match up say that Williams is the strongest of the two opponents for Floyd. Well Martinez beat Williams although the judges stole the fight from him and gave it to Paul. Martinez was the victim of two horrendous decisions last year. Even though on paper it shows one draw and one loss the fans of boxing know the truth, that he won both fights and in the process Sergio Martinez stock has risen 100 fold.


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