The Left’s Fatal Obsession With Sara Palin

These are the political distractions for the gullible and naïve, instead of reporting the impact that Sara Palin is having endorsing candidates, regardless of how many times in any given day the Left tell you otherwise, specifically MSNBC. This is the home of those in denial that worship the ground that their god President Obama walks on, who would have you to believe that  Sara doesn’t matter, which in reality, Sara does matter and she is a huge threat to the little minded insecure Socialist in the making that call themselves Progressives.  They can usually be found trashing Palin on MSNBC Newsvine.

Sarah Palin breast implant allegations sweep the Web after Belmont Stakes photos examined

Sarah Palin, right, at the Belmont Stakes last Saturday.

Roca, Denver/NewsSarah Palin, right, at the Belmont Stakes last Saturday.

Who cares if she had her breast done?  How does this make our current country problems better? What is the motivation behind this type of so-called news story? This is America today in the age of  ” Hope & Change”  and the  “Too Big To Fail” nonsense.

It never seems to amaze me, how foolish so many Americans can actually be.  Everything that is reported whether in print, radio, or television has a purpose. Wake up, they’re attempting to sell you a product, or as I call it a LIE.  Realize your thoughts are not your own, but they are the working of special interest groups or think tanks that want to move you to the Left or the Right. When will we finally get it?  Will it take another Obama followed by  a G.W. Bush?  Or maybe a Clinton or H.W.Bush ?  Wake up, they’re all in on it, look at the mess they have all created, then they blame the other party, yet they then join together to promote their One World Government agenda after leaving office.

She isn’t my first choice for President, but if she gets the nomination I wouldn’t have any problem at all voting for her. At least for once we would have an attractive female in the White House, so when we feel we are getting shafted, at least it will be by an attractive sexy women as oppose to our current President and the three that came before him.

For the record, I find Sara Palin, to be a very attractive women, I like her long hair, the glasses, and most of all her spunk.  The same way I find the spunk attractive on Ann Coulter and Michelle Malkin. The fact that she goes against the grain and pisses people of on the Left, makes my day. When your traditional old school career Republican politician or talking head criticizes her, that also makes me smile. You know why? Because I consider her a real person and as so, she has many of the same qualities that most American poses.  She will make mistakes, we all do, the most important question for me will be, if she sells out to the powers that be, to get elected?  If she does, I wouldn’t vote for her, and would support a third-party candidate. If she stays true to herself and gets the nomination I wouldn’t have any problem supporting her and calling her madam President.


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